Saturday, June 26

The Cave



... is where I have been. 

I finally got lonely for human contact in my little “emotional cave”.  Took a deep breath last night, and decided to peek my head out ~ you know, see how the rest of the world is getting along without me. 

Much to my surprise, the Universe didn’t miss me much, carried on like nothing had gone missing of any importance.  But seriously, I am glad to be back.  Glad to have rescued my sanity, sent the anxiety and depression packing for good(I hope), and looking forward to a great summer!!!!

Missed you all so much.  Can’t wait to catch up ;)

Trinity graduated from Kindergarten last week, and is still managing to make me laugh. 


Lots of “Trinity Tales” to come !!!!

Tuesday, April 20

Best Present EVER

I awoke to this on my pillow yesterday morning...
Picnik collage-mombday-1
Who could ask for anything more !

Monday, April 19

Saturday, April 17

I Want My Mommy...

This, is my life . . .  (minus the baby, insert grumpy 5 year old)
This, is how I feel and look... (what you can’t tell from this picture is the glands in my throat the size of golf balls)
This, is where I wish I was . . .
~ while waiting for someone to shoot me, or bring me sum soup. 

(and the Award for most pathetic Blog Post goes to . . . ) LOL

Monday, April 12

Playing Pretend ~ Leave your Ego at the Door

“Mommy, let’s play pretend.  You can be my daughter and I’ll be the mom.  So, that means I get to be bossy and wear LOTS of makeup.”


“Mommy, wanna play house with me?   Except we’ll pretend it’s clean, like Grandma’s.”


“Mommy, let’s play school.  I’ll be the teacher, and you can pretend you’re as smart as me.”


“Mommy, let’s pretend we’re twin sisters.  We’ll both be 19.  So, that means that I pretend to be older, and you get to be young again with smooth skin.”


Mommy, let’s play family.  Baby Sadie will be my little girl, I’ll be her mommy, and you get to be the Grandma because you have all the wrinkles.”


Mommy, let’s play restaurant.  I’ll be the server, you be the Chef and we’ll pretend that you can really cook.”


Hey Trinity... I have an idea.  Let’s play “Life before children”.  You pretend you’re not here, and I’ll pretend ..... 


Sunday, April 11

Two Words ~ Apple/Tree

Picnik collage-apple-tree

It really doesn’t fall that far!!!

Saturday, April 10

The Escape Artist

It happened.

I don’t know who freaked out more, me or the rodent.

I heard Trinity screaming... then, I to my horror I saw this


Hamster ball.

No hamster.

Throw some wasps and a few hairy spiders into the mix, and you have my worst nightmare come true.

But, I’m happy to say that cool heads prevailed, and we coaxed her out from under the couch with some cucumber.

No hamsters were harmed during the making of this post.

My nerves, however, are a different story.

Valium anyone???