Tuesday, September 30

OMGoodness.... was going through some old photo's yesterday. Forgot how much this one used to make me laugh!! she's about 3 months old....
Anyway...been a while since my last post. Haven't been feeling up to it these days. Trinity is doing great. The rocks today were "Schlempky and Memky". She's on a rhyming kick.... it's cute. Had a lazy morning... took us a while to get out of the house. Been lost in my thoughts, can't seem to focus....... ; )

Wednesday, September 24

A Child's Mind.....

..... Found this in my studies
Just had to post this for everyone to enjoy!! Still speechless.....

A Child’s Mind
Eyes open wide
In wonderment
The children pressed against
The classroom window
I told them to sit down

John said
But Miss!
A star has fallen in our field
Ï saw no star
Till bending down to child height
There, in the grass
I glimpsed the dazzling light
A Star?

A piece of broken jam-jar
Catching the rays of a low January sun.
Educationally, it would have been sound
To follow up with a lesson
On how the glass reflects the sunlight

I couldn’t
To forty children
Who had just seen a star
- Author Unknown

Tuesday, September 23


.... At the risk of completely alienating some readers, I just had to share this one.

OMG!!! That is funny stuff!

I don't know why this particular one hit my funny bone so hard, but I can't stop laughing ; 0

Now, in no way does it reflect my views on children, or how many of them we choose to have. lol It's just freakin' funny!!!!

so for now.... I will leave you with that until tomorrow!!

Good Times

..... I am guessing that most of you have seen this pic from time to time posted around the Internet, but I just had to stick on the blog this morning. It's my absolute fav..... every time I see it I laugh my ass off!!! Woooooo!!!
Today started out slow. Think I'm getting the flu or something. I ache all over. It sucks. Trinity seems fine (thank goodness). The rocks today were "Ariel and Aurora". And the word of the day was "Grumpy".
Getting Trinity dressed this morning was funny. I picked out some warm clothes for her to wear. Usually, I let her choose her own, but today was chilly. Well,.... this was not acceptable!! She flung the clothes across the room, then threw herself to the bed( drama queen). A big production followed. So, I told her to pick out her own and surprise me.
"FINE!!!! I WILL THEN!!" she said. " I CAN WEAR WHAT I WANT"... she added, and the door slammed shut.
A few minutes later she emerged.... get this, IN EXACTLY WHAT I HAD PICKED OUT TO START WITH!!! It was too funny. Before I could say a word, she put her hands on her hips and said,
" I changed my mind! Girls are allowed to do that, ya know!!!"
I'm still smiling over that. Ahhh.... good times ahead! I can feel it.

Monday, September 22

"Fishin in the Dark"

Today is Monday - in every possible way. That's all I have to say about that!!
Had a great weekend. It was rainy, but that didn't stop us.... much.
Trinity made a new friend. Her name is Robyn(hope I spelled that right) . They had great fun together ...."taking turns" was a bit of a challenge, but I think they did great. Both of them love fishing... even in the dark! That was kinda fun, but it didn't last long. I have no pic's of that cuz.... well, um.... it was dark. : ) I've had that song stuck in my head ever since. i don't even like country music ... "le sigh"
Here's a clip of the two of them on the hammock...


Wish you could hear the giggles a bit better... it was great! Trinity's cousin's also came up for a visit, they brought some friends as well. So, it was great fun all 'round. The rain didn't stop them at all. Ahhhhh, remember the days when we never got tired, and never got cold???? Good times!!! There is something to be said about having children when you're young!

Today is a blah day. Probably has alot to do with the weather... who knows. But today, I have no motivation. I feel completely drained. Can't focus on all the things that need to start getting done. Have a stupid headache again... just want everything to go away for a while, or at least work out on it's own. I would love to hibernate for a few months, and then wake up and have everything DONE. A nice place to live with all my stuff moved and unpacked for me, my money in the bank from the previous owners, a nice job lined up.... you get the picture! ...... basically, a miracle. Yup..... a big, fat, miracle.

For right now... I'll settle for a nice, long, hot shower!!

Thursday, September 18

Heeeeere"s .... Trinity!!!!!

The "Smilin' Smooshie" ( aka: Trinity) is back. The smile has returned from the Full Moon magnet that sucked it right off her face yesterday.
We had a great morning. The rocks today were, "Goodha" and Buddah". Still cracking up over that.
The latest routine emerging involves the sunrise. For those of you familiar with the commercial (I think it's for NyQuil), a woman is sleeping peaceful and there is no sound. Her face is close to the edge, and out of nowhere she is startled awake by a little face just inches from her nose, shouting... "Mommy!!!".... Well, that's how my mornings start. Without fail!. Our window faces East - there is no escaping it. It's hilarious. Then I hear "oohing and aahhhing" ... while she gazes out the window at the sunrise, urging me to get out of bed and watch it with her. We usually sit there, on the floor, until most of the colors have gone. Then we get on with our day, and I walk away feeling extremely blessed and full of gratitude for what is.
It's amazing what you can see, when you look with different eyes.

Out of all that has been, and all that will be
This moment, this heartbeat
I will cherish
In my final breath I will remember you
with all that I am
And I will smile, knowing
That , In you...
I have seen the eyes of God
- Annon


I'm happy to report today that the dayhome issue is resolved. Done. Over. It feels great to have that off my plate, now we can move on. After 2 hours of mediation, she dropped her claim; and in turn, I did the same. We both agreed not to discuss any details, so out of respect I will just leave it at that. Oddly, there are no hard feelings on my part... life goes on. I'm just glad it's over.

Wednesday, September 17


LOVE THIS SHIRT!! Just had to share. My friend has one for her daughter.... if anyone's interested you can find it at www.cafepress.com
Its a great little place for all kinds of neat stuff. You can even make your own! Tres cool!!

Full Moon

Trinity took this cool shot last night.... she loves the moon almost as much as I do. Although, I don't care what anyone says... it makes me bitchy!!! .... as i'm sure some would agree.
Something in the universe was out of whack for us today. We had a difficult morning. Trinity was very grumpy. She cried over everything.... EVERYTHING! What she wanted to wear was dirty.. so she cried. Her socks didn't go on right... so she cried. She put too much toothpaste on the brush... so she cried. There was a rock in her shoe... so, she cried. And I mean cried!! Throwing herself to the floor, deep sobbing cries. She was rude, screaming, making faces.... I must admit it got the best of me today. Probably because I felt the same way when I woke up (lol). But let me tell ya, she has this certain squeal that just gets down to the core of my nerve endings. I'm sure all you mom's out there know what I mean. She reaches this certain pitch, and wammo.... my ears ring and my hair stands up on the back of my neck!!! It drives me crazy!!!!! She hit that note for about an hour this morning, until I got so frustrated that I became very, very calm. You know what I mean ( I think all our mom's probably did that from time to time... LOL ) I could always tell when my mom was beyond mad.... she would get so calm that it was scary. That's kinda what I did. I had to ask her SEVEN times to get in the car. She just stood there and cried and screamed " NO and you can't make me". This does not go over well with me. I took a deep breath, hung my head in defeat, and slowly and calmly said " Trinity..... get... in... the .... car.....now... please. She looked up at me through her tears, and got in without saying a word.... until her seat belt got stuck, and again with the screaming!!!!
Needless to say, there were no special rocks today and no new words. She cried all the way to the car and most of the way to school. I just let her scream....Then all of a sudden, she stopped. Happy as a clam. Funny girl. I asked her why she was so sad .... she told me it was just "tough being 4". I'm still smiling over that one. Poor little thing just wasn't herself .

Decided not to continue with my rant.... it's all the same old stuff. blah, blah, blah. The main thing is we are safe, and healthy. A lot of good is going to come from all this, I can feel it. That's what I have to keep telling myself anyway. I think my life needed to go in a different direction . But man, a gentle nudge from the Universe would have been sufficient....
Maybe I'm having a nervous breakdown, and don't know it yet. I don't know. Do you ever just get so overwhelmed that you start to laugh? I think that's where I am today. Blissfully giddy! That's me!! LOL . I want to write a book about my life, but as you can tell from my posts, my creative edge is lost. Just endless dribble... or at least that's what it feels like these days. Where did my charming wit go? Lisa, if you're reading this.... any ideas??? lol

Tuesday, September 16

Spelling Bee

Yet another profound quote .....
"The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears." —James Allen: writer and poet

And now to the fun stuff....


Trinity amazed me last night by spelling everybody's name in her class. Didn't catch them all on video... but you get the picture. Just had to share. She is having a great time learning how to read and spell... it's so cool to watch her face when she learns something new, or figures out something on her own. Last night she read the word " crafts" all by herself, and this morning it was "smart". Our rocks today were "flip" and "flop"..... funny!

And here we are at bathtime last night. She wanted to look like a mommy in her towels....

Somewhere in my old photos, I have a picture of me around the same age with the same look on my face .... must find it! It's eerie how similar we look sometimes. I find it soooo cool, being adopted I grew up not looking like anybody else. It's a neat feeling to see myself in her.

Started doing my Level 1 in Childcare this morning.... I think I'm really going to enjoy it. The RCMP are totally backed up, and my criminal check wont be done till the 26th..... OMG, I hope I dont have to wait until then. I'll find out tomorrow.

Looks like I'll have to wait another week or so on the sale of my house. The bank is apparently taking there sweet time on this too. Still waiting to hear from my lawyer ( I think it's been over a week now). I left another message today, so hopefully.........

I'm about to launch into a HUGE rant ... LOL , feel free to skip this next part. A good friend of mine writes her "rants" all in one paragraph, so today I will do the same : )

First of all.... WTF???????? I know there's protocol, I know there's bureaucracy, but from a very distant overview - how can a single mother of a small child be left homeless, broke, unemployed and hanging in a situation like this. I mean really???? C'mon people... somebody, anybody? All I know is somebody dropped the freakin' ball and no-one is willing to pick it up. Due Dilligence. That's all I'm saying. I did all the right things, I accepted the advice and opinions from so-called "experts" in their field; which I paid for; .... People were paid good money to protect my interests....... and then when the house of cards came down , not a single person involved stepped up or even offered to help! Not a single lawyer, not a single realtor, house inspection company, insurance company, mortgage broker, mortgage lender, city official, contruction/re-construction company's, former realtor's of the house. No-one......! I ask myself all the time, day in, day out.... " how can this be?... really, How can this be? Not just because it's me... i'm not having a pity party ( although it's probably mixed in there somewhere, lol) but that it can happen to anyone; and has......to lots of people!!!! I've read so many cases files... and they've all melded into one big message.... " This should not be happening to people" It's criminal!!............ To be able to defraud someone out of their life savings and home, destroy a profitable business, and put a small child's health at risk is soooo fundementally un-ethical, on soooooo many levels....!!!!!! My biggest beef is with lawyers actually. At $400 bucks an hour you make off the general public... how's about a little charity work.... a smidge of pro-bono for the underdog???? Too much to ask? We'll it certainly has been for the 32 lawyers I have spoke with.

.... anyway I can't believe that right in the middle of my rant, I have to run out the door..... : 0.

I'll pick this up tomorrow....I can feel your anticipation.... (smirk)

Monday, September 15


"You must give up the life you had planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you."- Joseph Campbell

Saw this powerful quote on my friends blog today... just had to share.

Cupcakes ala Trinity

Yay CUPCAKES!!!! A big Woot goes to Trinity, the Master cupcake maker. Big mess, big icing, big fun!!! ..... can't wait 'till we get to do the Halloween ones.

Fall is getting closer.... it's funny how you can smell it in the air ( although you wouldn't know it from the weather today... man, it's warm). Actually, Fall is my favorite time of year... I love all the colors, the smells... pretty much everything about it. I would love to have my own place before Halloween just so I can do some decorating.... lol. Ya know,.... plastic orange flowers from walmart and the like. Gotta get me one of those funky scarecrows.... never bought one last year....LOL! "Le sigh"
Which got me thinking about Halloween's past. Here's a glimpse down memory lane....
Have a great day!!!

Friday, September 12

Daddy's Shoes.....

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
Trinity informed me this morning that she gets to be a mommy soon because her feet are getting big..... she took this picture herself as "proof". : )

She also informed me (again) that she has a baby in her tummy. It's a girl, her name is "Rainbow" and she is coming on Saturday..... LOL!!!

Ahhhhh.... what a great imagination kids have at this age hey?

Our "special rocks" today were: "Sheeka and Pud"... and she learned to spell the word "Please". Everyday she seems more and more grown up.... it's all happening so fast!!

Which gets me thinking even more about working with children. I spoke to the dayhome owner at great length yesterday about how I felt regarding the incident with Trinity, the "talk" amoungst the staff, and various other points. She offered me a job working with Before and After school kids, until I could complete my level 1 certificate online. I checked into it, and as long as you are working/volunteering in a daycare centre, the government offers the course online for free. It doesnt take very long to complete, and then I would be able to enroll in Mount Royal for my Level 2 and 3. There appears to be many different avenues in the Child Care industry from there..... I am seriously considering it. Plus, I would be there with Trinity on a daily basis.... I think we would both like that. If anyone has any advice.... please feel free!

Thursday, September 11

"Le Sigh"

"Le sigh" - the latest in blogger language,(to be used when one feels bummed out about something.) Made me laugh. Thought I would share.
Took some great shots of Trinity getting ready this morning, but left the camera at Nathan's ..... "Le sigh"
It was a typical morning, with the exception of "garbage day". Garbage day is a big hit with Trinity. She loves to watch. It was a good 15 minutes of waste management fun!!! She squealed from the balcony every time it would dump a big bin over it's head. She informed me later that she is gonna be a "garbage man" when she grows up. Last year she wanted to be the truck, so we've improved our position since then...... funny girl!!
Have a terrible headache today, so not much in the mood for writing. Been having alot of headaches lately.... strange.
Have a great day everyone!!

Wednesday, September 10


Well, I'm please to announce today that Trinity read another word, all by herself!!! " PARTY " She was so proud. The look on her face was priceless!! We hi-fived each other all over the place! Ummm...... when did she get to be such a "big girl"? Hardly anything in her morning routine needs my assistance anymore. ( sniff ) She even makes her own peanut butter toast!! I just play referee from time to time. Here's shots of getting ready this morning......

And here's Trinity's View.....

Which are not bad shot's actually!!! She's got quite the little eye! The red one is her balloon.

Ahh.... she does love the camera!! ; o

Trinity also LOVES to collect things... her favorite is ROCKS!! Rocks, rocks, rocks. She picks 2 new ones everyday. One for her, and one for me. Every single day!! She calls it our "special day rock". She names them as well. Today was "China and September". We keep them in special places all over Nathan's apartment, and in the backseat of the car.
Sometimes, she will fill her pockets with those little rocks from the playground, then sneak them into the house. Most of our clothes end up "stonewashed".... too bad that wasnt still cool!!!!
She also collects leaves and is having a great time, now that the leaves are falling. And yes, we have little piles everywhere for those as well,... not to mention the pine cones and daisy's. Here's a couple of things from this morning.....
My funny, funny girl!!!
Still on the fence about daycare... been talking to Child Services, and apparhently they are taking care of the situation. The allegation involving Trinity was confirmed by Child Services as being a "situation where the emotional needs of the child were not met" and the owner is being dealt with, and Child Services is now involved with the day to day operations. Which leaves me wondering alot of things.... as you can well imagine.
But Trinity LOVES it there, the girls that work there are great with all the kids, and Trinity has made alot of friends that she looks forward to seeing. So.... I think I will let it ride for now, but she is on a waiting list for another daycare.... so we'll make that decision then.
One thing I have been thinking about through all of this is going back to school .... I would love to work with young children, and learn more about my own childs behaviour. They are such amazing little people ... still checking out my options on that one.
Still waiting on the lawyer to call me back, still waiting to hear from the bank on the sale of the house, still waiting!!!! Ah.... patience, it's not just for sissy's!!!!

Monday, September 8

Monday, Monday....

Well, it's Monday.

Back from camping. Had a blast!!!!! Was nice to get away for a couple of days, with only a few interruptions. Missed Trinity to bits, but survived the weekend just the same. There is another little girl that goes camping with her dad, so it will be fun to get them together from time to time..... ( Connie... I know you're smiling at that one! ) ( wink, wink)

Anyway, the daycare woes continue. Found out yesterday that Trinity was grabbed by the arm and spun into a wall last week. Someone apparhently reported the incident, and Child Family Services was out the very next day to investigate. I learned this through a former employee who heard it from another daycare!!! (grapevine). HELLO???? This is the first i'm hearing about it! Somebody tell me how that happens. Needless to say, Nathan and I are hopping mad. I've spoken to several people today who all knew about it, but nobody bothered to tell me!! Apparhently this woman has chosen this "certain amount of force/frustration" on another child as well. The worst thing is, she is the OWNER!!! Oh my.... need to take a deep breath before dealing with this one today..... Ya know, you hear horror stories about the crap that can go on at a daycare, and then you find out it happened to your child..... it's shocking, it's criminal! I'll tell you one thing I know... the next daycare she goes into is going to be researched up the "ying-yang".

On the home front... GREAT NEWS!! I had a lawyer call me back, and she has agreed to help me with my case!! We are going to sit down and draft a letter to the previous owners, and see how accomidating they are... at least get the ball rolling, and then go from there. I'm remaining hopeful that it won't have to go to court.... (crossing-fingers)

Rented Nim's Island for Trintiy and I to watch tonight... gonna have a pyjama party, just her and I. Can't wait. Looks like we'll be spending alot of time together .... hmmmm, now if I could only get paid to do it I would think that was just perfect!!!! : )

Friday, September 5

Assuming the Position

Well, it's Friday (which really makes no difference when you're not working anyway!! LOL), BUT this Friday is a special because I get to have a "chick weekend" with Connie. Trinity is going to stay at home with her Dad, and I get a weekend away!! I'm very excited, and I feel very guilty for being SOOOO excited!!! And so the guilt list grows.... lol

Whenever Connie and I sit around the fire we have a routine.... we call it "assuming the postion". At night we grab a bottle of Bailey's, couple glasses of ice, light our cigarello's ( grape, being the decided favorite), sit back in our respective chairs and watch Richard put logs on the fire to keep us warm!! In the morning we get up, make coffee, crack open our Bailey's, then ...yup.... you guessed it, we "assume the position" again.
Trinity got off to daycare later than usual this morning. We took our time again ( I was in no rush to drop her off). The thought about not seeing her till Sunday makes me miss her already.

Shycow survived Show n' Tell yesterday, but she remained very shy. Trinity told me that she was very proud of Shycow, and that Shycow was very brave.

I told Trinity this morning that mommy was going to have a chick weekend with Connie.... she seemed a little sad about that at first - her bottom lip came out and everything... then her face lit up and she said...
" That means... Daddy and I can have a "chick and a dude" pyjama party!!!"
She suddenly got very excited planning all the things that her and Daddy were gonna do together, just the two of them. It made me smile. I hope he's ready ...... LOL

So, now I have lots to get done before I can go. For those of you who know about the problems I'm having with the previous dayhome.... I got a letter this morning. My dispute note and counter claim was recieved, and it has been sent to mediation. We both have to appear Sept 17 and sit down with a court appointed mediator. I'm glad. That's what I wanted anyway. I was worried about standing before a judge.... that kinda stuff makes me nervous! Still CANT believe this woman is suing me after what she did! I dont know what she's thinking... it's so petty.

Still waiting to hear about the sale of my house.... still waiting to hear from my lawyer.... still deciding whether or not to rent, or buy something small and cheap..... still waiting to hear back about starting up my business again... still living with Nathan ( which is going fairly well).....still waiting for something to give. Everyone is on holidays.... geesh, you'd think it was summer or something!!! LOL

..... Well, here goes. I'm off and ready for my "Chick Weekend"!!! Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, September 4

First Post...

....Okay, so here it is. My official first post. Thought this might make it easier to follow along with the goofy things Trinity does, cause we all know how good I am at phoning people!! (wink)

Trinity loves her toes. She also loves to take pictures. Here is a combination of both. Funny.

After picture taking was over this morning, she decided she wanted grilled cheese for breakfast... that's right, grilled cheese!! ( I burnt it... big surprise!) ... Again, funny.

Getting ready for daycare went smooth, we slept in a bit, but it didn't matter today. So we just had a "chick morning" and took our time doing each others hair. It was great fun. She is very particular about her hair. Sometimes I think I have a 16 yr old in the bathroom !! Oh yeah..... it's gonna be great in 10years!!! I can see it all now.....ahhh...Good times!

Here is Trinity listening to Brittney Spears......

For those of you who dont know... Trinity LOVES Brittney Spears. Trinity LOVES "Piece of Me" by Brittney Spears. Trinity has to listen to " Piece of Me" by Brittney Spears as soon as she gets in the car. Trinity also likes to listen to "Piece of Me" by Brittney Spears very LOUD!!!!!!!

It makes me laugh to imagine us driving down the road sounding like a car full of Gansta's !!!
We do get some funny looks, expecially when we are both pointing our fingers around like nobodys business and belting out the words like a couple of Diva's ....!!! This morning she insisted we take the long way and listen to it again. We had great fun!!!!

Today is show and Tell and Trinity brought her "cow". Her cow's name is "Shycow". Shycow is VERY shy, and only talks to Trinity. No one else is allowed to talk to "ShyCow" except Trinity. I asked her if "Shycow" was too shy to go to school, and she informed me that "Shycow" has decided to be"VERY BRAVE". So.... we'll see how Show and Tell goes today when all the boys in the class want to start poking Shy Cow and throwing her around the room like a football!!
Again..... Funny.

At the daycare Trin didn't want me to leave, so today was one of those days that leave you feeling guilty ALL DAY. I dread them. I end up being all emotional and "introspective"....and I accomplish half of my to do list.
So counter-productive.
Stupid guilt!!! ; )

Now that she is off and running with her friends, I'm back at the house for a while to see if I can get anywhere. I'm getting discouraged. Figuring out where we will live is hard. Everything is extremely expensive. And it doesnt help that I haven't started working anywhere yet. Too many things up in the air. I wish just one would give - or better yet, If I could just make a damn decision, then the other decisions could follow. AAAArrrrgh..... here I go on another pot of coffee.
Have a great day All.......