Friday, September 5

Assuming the Position

Well, it's Friday (which really makes no difference when you're not working anyway!! LOL), BUT this Friday is a special because I get to have a "chick weekend" with Connie. Trinity is going to stay at home with her Dad, and I get a weekend away!! I'm very excited, and I feel very guilty for being SOOOO excited!!! And so the guilt list grows.... lol

Whenever Connie and I sit around the fire we have a routine.... we call it "assuming the postion". At night we grab a bottle of Bailey's, couple glasses of ice, light our cigarello's ( grape, being the decided favorite), sit back in our respective chairs and watch Richard put logs on the fire to keep us warm!! In the morning we get up, make coffee, crack open our Bailey's, then ...yup.... you guessed it, we "assume the position" again.
Trinity got off to daycare later than usual this morning. We took our time again ( I was in no rush to drop her off). The thought about not seeing her till Sunday makes me miss her already.

Shycow survived Show n' Tell yesterday, but she remained very shy. Trinity told me that she was very proud of Shycow, and that Shycow was very brave.

I told Trinity this morning that mommy was going to have a chick weekend with Connie.... she seemed a little sad about that at first - her bottom lip came out and everything... then her face lit up and she said...
" That means... Daddy and I can have a "chick and a dude" pyjama party!!!"
She suddenly got very excited planning all the things that her and Daddy were gonna do together, just the two of them. It made me smile. I hope he's ready ...... LOL

So, now I have lots to get done before I can go. For those of you who know about the problems I'm having with the previous dayhome.... I got a letter this morning. My dispute note and counter claim was recieved, and it has been sent to mediation. We both have to appear Sept 17 and sit down with a court appointed mediator. I'm glad. That's what I wanted anyway. I was worried about standing before a judge.... that kinda stuff makes me nervous! Still CANT believe this woman is suing me after what she did! I dont know what she's thinking... it's so petty.

Still waiting to hear about the sale of my house.... still waiting to hear from my lawyer.... still deciding whether or not to rent, or buy something small and cheap..... still waiting to hear back about starting up my business again... still living with Nathan ( which is going fairly well).....still waiting for something to give. Everyone is on holidays.... geesh, you'd think it was summer or something!!! LOL

..... Well, here goes. I'm off and ready for my "Chick Weekend"!!! Have a great weekend everyone.

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Mama Connie said...

Fun times had by all. Great blog. Hugs & kisses to you and Trinity.