Wednesday, September 24

A Child's Mind.....

..... Found this in my studies
Just had to post this for everyone to enjoy!! Still speechless.....

A Child’s Mind
Eyes open wide
In wonderment
The children pressed against
The classroom window
I told them to sit down

John said
But Miss!
A star has fallen in our field
Ï saw no star
Till bending down to child height
There, in the grass
I glimpsed the dazzling light
A Star?

A piece of broken jam-jar
Catching the rays of a low January sun.
Educationally, it would have been sound
To follow up with a lesson
On how the glass reflects the sunlight

I couldn’t
To forty children
Who had just seen a star
- Author Unknown

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Mama Connie said...

Very cute. Hope Ti Ti is feeling better. Call me when you have a chance.