Monday, September 15

Cupcakes ala Trinity

Yay CUPCAKES!!!! A big Woot goes to Trinity, the Master cupcake maker. Big mess, big icing, big fun!!! ..... can't wait 'till we get to do the Halloween ones.

Fall is getting closer.... it's funny how you can smell it in the air ( although you wouldn't know it from the weather today... man, it's warm). Actually, Fall is my favorite time of year... I love all the colors, the smells... pretty much everything about it. I would love to have my own place before Halloween just so I can do some decorating.... lol. Ya know,.... plastic orange flowers from walmart and the like. Gotta get me one of those funky scarecrows.... never bought one last year....LOL! "Le sigh"
Which got me thinking about Halloween's past. Here's a glimpse down memory lane....
Have a great day!!!

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