Friday, September 12

Daddy's Shoes.....

Happy Friday Everyone!!!
Trinity informed me this morning that she gets to be a mommy soon because her feet are getting big..... she took this picture herself as "proof". : )

She also informed me (again) that she has a baby in her tummy. It's a girl, her name is "Rainbow" and she is coming on Saturday..... LOL!!!

Ahhhhh.... what a great imagination kids have at this age hey?

Our "special rocks" today were: "Sheeka and Pud"... and she learned to spell the word "Please". Everyday she seems more and more grown up.... it's all happening so fast!!

Which gets me thinking even more about working with children. I spoke to the dayhome owner at great length yesterday about how I felt regarding the incident with Trinity, the "talk" amoungst the staff, and various other points. She offered me a job working with Before and After school kids, until I could complete my level 1 certificate online. I checked into it, and as long as you are working/volunteering in a daycare centre, the government offers the course online for free. It doesnt take very long to complete, and then I would be able to enroll in Mount Royal for my Level 2 and 3. There appears to be many different avenues in the Child Care industry from there..... I am seriously considering it. Plus, I would be there with Trinity on a daily basis.... I think we would both like that. If anyone has any advice.... please feel free!

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