Thursday, September 4

First Post...

....Okay, so here it is. My official first post. Thought this might make it easier to follow along with the goofy things Trinity does, cause we all know how good I am at phoning people!! (wink)

Trinity loves her toes. She also loves to take pictures. Here is a combination of both. Funny.

After picture taking was over this morning, she decided she wanted grilled cheese for breakfast... that's right, grilled cheese!! ( I burnt it... big surprise!) ... Again, funny.

Getting ready for daycare went smooth, we slept in a bit, but it didn't matter today. So we just had a "chick morning" and took our time doing each others hair. It was great fun. She is very particular about her hair. Sometimes I think I have a 16 yr old in the bathroom !! Oh yeah..... it's gonna be great in 10years!!! I can see it all now.....ahhh...Good times!

Here is Trinity listening to Brittney Spears......

For those of you who dont know... Trinity LOVES Brittney Spears. Trinity LOVES "Piece of Me" by Brittney Spears. Trinity has to listen to " Piece of Me" by Brittney Spears as soon as she gets in the car. Trinity also likes to listen to "Piece of Me" by Brittney Spears very LOUD!!!!!!!

It makes me laugh to imagine us driving down the road sounding like a car full of Gansta's !!!
We do get some funny looks, expecially when we are both pointing our fingers around like nobodys business and belting out the words like a couple of Diva's ....!!! This morning she insisted we take the long way and listen to it again. We had great fun!!!!

Today is show and Tell and Trinity brought her "cow". Her cow's name is "Shycow". Shycow is VERY shy, and only talks to Trinity. No one else is allowed to talk to "ShyCow" except Trinity. I asked her if "Shycow" was too shy to go to school, and she informed me that "Shycow" has decided to be"VERY BRAVE". So.... we'll see how Show and Tell goes today when all the boys in the class want to start poking Shy Cow and throwing her around the room like a football!!
Again..... Funny.

At the daycare Trin didn't want me to leave, so today was one of those days that leave you feeling guilty ALL DAY. I dread them. I end up being all emotional and "introspective"....and I accomplish half of my to do list.
So counter-productive.
Stupid guilt!!! ; )

Now that she is off and running with her friends, I'm back at the house for a while to see if I can get anywhere. I'm getting discouraged. Figuring out where we will live is hard. Everything is extremely expensive. And it doesnt help that I haven't started working anywhere yet. Too many things up in the air. I wish just one would give - or better yet, If I could just make a damn decision, then the other decisions could follow. AAAArrrrgh..... here I go on another pot of coffee.
Have a great day All.......



Lisa said...


SO proud of you!! And now I can check in on you all of the time!

Big love all around!

Mama Connie said...

Great first post and I am second to comment. Wonderful post. Keep it up and keep putting pics in here. Love ya Take care I will be checking in here every once and a while. Love you both.