Tuesday, September 23

Good Times

..... I am guessing that most of you have seen this pic from time to time posted around the Internet, but I just had to stick on the blog this morning. It's my absolute fav..... every time I see it I laugh my ass off!!! Woooooo!!!
Today started out slow. Think I'm getting the flu or something. I ache all over. It sucks. Trinity seems fine (thank goodness). The rocks today were "Ariel and Aurora". And the word of the day was "Grumpy".
Getting Trinity dressed this morning was funny. I picked out some warm clothes for her to wear. Usually, I let her choose her own, but today was chilly. Well,.... this was not acceptable!! She flung the clothes across the room, then threw herself to the bed( drama queen). A big production followed. So, I told her to pick out her own and surprise me.
"FINE!!!! I WILL THEN!!" she said. " I CAN WEAR WHAT I WANT"... she added, and the door slammed shut.
A few minutes later she emerged.... get this, IN EXACTLY WHAT I HAD PICKED OUT TO START WITH!!! It was too funny. Before I could say a word, she put her hands on her hips and said,
" I changed my mind! Girls are allowed to do that, ya know!!!"
I'm still smiling over that. Ahhh.... good times ahead! I can feel it.

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Terry Sauer said...

Your not alone girl, I have days like that too. This is my non-Robyn week so be glad you have her. She's a beautiful girl and she has already left a profound impression on me, as you too have. The hug when we were leaving was totally unexpected, but highly welcomed. People need more hugs and the world would be better. We can learn so much from kids. Ter