Thursday, September 18

Heeeeere"s .... Trinity!!!!!

The "Smilin' Smooshie" ( aka: Trinity) is back. The smile has returned from the Full Moon magnet that sucked it right off her face yesterday.
We had a great morning. The rocks today were, "Goodha" and Buddah". Still cracking up over that.
The latest routine emerging involves the sunrise. For those of you familiar with the commercial (I think it's for NyQuil), a woman is sleeping peaceful and there is no sound. Her face is close to the edge, and out of nowhere she is startled awake by a little face just inches from her nose, shouting... "Mommy!!!".... Well, that's how my mornings start. Without fail!. Our window faces East - there is no escaping it. It's hilarious. Then I hear "oohing and aahhhing" ... while she gazes out the window at the sunrise, urging me to get out of bed and watch it with her. We usually sit there, on the floor, until most of the colors have gone. Then we get on with our day, and I walk away feeling extremely blessed and full of gratitude for what is.
It's amazing what you can see, when you look with different eyes.

Out of all that has been, and all that will be
This moment, this heartbeat
I will cherish
In my final breath I will remember you
with all that I am
And I will smile, knowing
That , In you...
I have seen the eyes of God
- Annon

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Lisa said...

Wow. Your morning ritual sounds so, so, so profoundly beautiful. Your girl is a very special soul, and you are so right about seeing life thru different eyes. Love the poem, I might have to steal it for my blog! Love you!