Thursday, September 11

"Le Sigh"

"Le sigh" - the latest in blogger language,(to be used when one feels bummed out about something.) Made me laugh. Thought I would share.
Took some great shots of Trinity getting ready this morning, but left the camera at Nathan's ..... "Le sigh"
It was a typical morning, with the exception of "garbage day". Garbage day is a big hit with Trinity. She loves to watch. It was a good 15 minutes of waste management fun!!! She squealed from the balcony every time it would dump a big bin over it's head. She informed me later that she is gonna be a "garbage man" when she grows up. Last year she wanted to be the truck, so we've improved our position since then...... funny girl!!
Have a terrible headache today, so not much in the mood for writing. Been having alot of headaches lately.... strange.
Have a great day everyone!!

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