Monday, September 8

Monday, Monday....

Well, it's Monday.

Back from camping. Had a blast!!!!! Was nice to get away for a couple of days, with only a few interruptions. Missed Trinity to bits, but survived the weekend just the same. There is another little girl that goes camping with her dad, so it will be fun to get them together from time to time..... ( Connie... I know you're smiling at that one! ) ( wink, wink)

Anyway, the daycare woes continue. Found out yesterday that Trinity was grabbed by the arm and spun into a wall last week. Someone apparhently reported the incident, and Child Family Services was out the very next day to investigate. I learned this through a former employee who heard it from another daycare!!! (grapevine). HELLO???? This is the first i'm hearing about it! Somebody tell me how that happens. Needless to say, Nathan and I are hopping mad. I've spoken to several people today who all knew about it, but nobody bothered to tell me!! Apparhently this woman has chosen this "certain amount of force/frustration" on another child as well. The worst thing is, she is the OWNER!!! Oh my.... need to take a deep breath before dealing with this one today..... Ya know, you hear horror stories about the crap that can go on at a daycare, and then you find out it happened to your child..... it's shocking, it's criminal! I'll tell you one thing I know... the next daycare she goes into is going to be researched up the "ying-yang".

On the home front... GREAT NEWS!! I had a lawyer call me back, and she has agreed to help me with my case!! We are going to sit down and draft a letter to the previous owners, and see how accomidating they are... at least get the ball rolling, and then go from there. I'm remaining hopeful that it won't have to go to court.... (crossing-fingers)

Rented Nim's Island for Trintiy and I to watch tonight... gonna have a pyjama party, just her and I. Can't wait. Looks like we'll be spending alot of time together .... hmmmm, now if I could only get paid to do it I would think that was just perfect!!!! : )


Mama Connie said...

You are right. I was smiling as I read that part. By the way did you buy "The Bucket List" or rent it? I may watch it tonight as Richard going out of town.I did leave a message on your phone to call me back.

magda said...

Just watched Nim's Island. What a sweet movie. Working my way up from your blog so I can get caught up to those who have been following you from the start. Everyone needs a Connie in their lives.

good luck getting caught up with work. don't feel obligated to reply to each of my comments. i think we moved quickly past that part of our courtship. i will probably be commenting a lot. since i have nothing to write and will use my quiet time to read yours rather than doing housework.

Chinook was not really my captcha. i was only goofing about that.