Wednesday, September 10


Well, I'm please to announce today that Trinity read another word, all by herself!!! " PARTY " She was so proud. The look on her face was priceless!! We hi-fived each other all over the place! Ummm...... when did she get to be such a "big girl"? Hardly anything in her morning routine needs my assistance anymore. ( sniff ) She even makes her own peanut butter toast!! I just play referee from time to time. Here's shots of getting ready this morning......

And here's Trinity's View.....

Which are not bad shot's actually!!! She's got quite the little eye! The red one is her balloon.

Ahh.... she does love the camera!! ; o

Trinity also LOVES to collect things... her favorite is ROCKS!! Rocks, rocks, rocks. She picks 2 new ones everyday. One for her, and one for me. Every single day!! She calls it our "special day rock". She names them as well. Today was "China and September". We keep them in special places all over Nathan's apartment, and in the backseat of the car.
Sometimes, she will fill her pockets with those little rocks from the playground, then sneak them into the house. Most of our clothes end up "stonewashed".... too bad that wasnt still cool!!!!
She also collects leaves and is having a great time, now that the leaves are falling. And yes, we have little piles everywhere for those as well,... not to mention the pine cones and daisy's. Here's a couple of things from this morning.....
My funny, funny girl!!!
Still on the fence about daycare... been talking to Child Services, and apparhently they are taking care of the situation. The allegation involving Trinity was confirmed by Child Services as being a "situation where the emotional needs of the child were not met" and the owner is being dealt with, and Child Services is now involved with the day to day operations. Which leaves me wondering alot of things.... as you can well imagine.
But Trinity LOVES it there, the girls that work there are great with all the kids, and Trinity has made alot of friends that she looks forward to seeing. So.... I think I will let it ride for now, but she is on a waiting list for another daycare.... so we'll make that decision then.
One thing I have been thinking about through all of this is going back to school .... I would love to work with young children, and learn more about my own childs behaviour. They are such amazing little people ... still checking out my options on that one.
Still waiting on the lawyer to call me back, still waiting to hear from the bank on the sale of the house, still waiting!!!! Ah.... patience, it's not just for sissy's!!!!

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