Tuesday, September 16

Spelling Bee

Yet another profound quote .....
"The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears." —James Allen: writer and poet

And now to the fun stuff....


Trinity amazed me last night by spelling everybody's name in her class. Didn't catch them all on video... but you get the picture. Just had to share. She is having a great time learning how to read and spell... it's so cool to watch her face when she learns something new, or figures out something on her own. Last night she read the word " crafts" all by herself, and this morning it was "smart". Our rocks today were "flip" and "flop"..... funny!

And here we are at bathtime last night. She wanted to look like a mommy in her towels....

Somewhere in my old photos, I have a picture of me around the same age with the same look on my face .... must find it! It's eerie how similar we look sometimes. I find it soooo cool, being adopted I grew up not looking like anybody else. It's a neat feeling to see myself in her.

Started doing my Level 1 in Childcare this morning.... I think I'm really going to enjoy it. The RCMP are totally backed up, and my criminal check wont be done till the 26th..... OMG, I hope I dont have to wait until then. I'll find out tomorrow.

Looks like I'll have to wait another week or so on the sale of my house. The bank is apparently taking there sweet time on this too. Still waiting to hear from my lawyer ( I think it's been over a week now). I left another message today, so hopefully.........

I'm about to launch into a HUGE rant ... LOL , feel free to skip this next part. A good friend of mine writes her "rants" all in one paragraph, so today I will do the same : )

First of all.... WTF???????? I know there's protocol, I know there's bureaucracy, but from a very distant overview - how can a single mother of a small child be left homeless, broke, unemployed and hanging in a situation like this. I mean really???? C'mon people... somebody, anybody? All I know is somebody dropped the freakin' ball and no-one is willing to pick it up. Due Dilligence. That's all I'm saying. I did all the right things, I accepted the advice and opinions from so-called "experts" in their field; which I paid for; .... People were paid good money to protect my interests....... and then when the house of cards came down , not a single person involved stepped up or even offered to help! Not a single lawyer, not a single realtor, house inspection company, insurance company, mortgage broker, mortgage lender, city official, contruction/re-construction company's, former realtor's of the house. No-one......! I ask myself all the time, day in, day out.... " how can this be?... really, How can this be? Not just because it's me... i'm not having a pity party ( although it's probably mixed in there somewhere, lol) but that it can happen to anyone; and has......to lots of people!!!! I've read so many cases files... and they've all melded into one big message.... " This should not be happening to people" It's criminal!!............ To be able to defraud someone out of their life savings and home, destroy a profitable business, and put a small child's health at risk is soooo fundementally un-ethical, on soooooo many levels....!!!!!! My biggest beef is with lawyers actually. At $400 bucks an hour you make off the general public... how's about a little charity work.... a smidge of pro-bono for the underdog???? Too much to ask? We'll it certainly has been for the 32 lawyers I have spoke with.

.... anyway I can't believe that right in the middle of my rant, I have to run out the door..... : 0.

I'll pick this up tomorrow....I can feel your anticipation.... (smirk)

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