Thursday, October 30

Wednesday, October 29


Warning: Stupid and depressing post

"Better to be without logic
than without feeling. "
Charlotte Bronte

I want my daughter back with me.
I want to get rid of this stupid, stupid house.
I want my life savings back.
I want my business back.
And somewhere out there is my sanity.... I would like that back too.
I would like to wake up in the morning with my daughter by my side.
I would like emotionally stunted people to just drop off the face of the earth.
I would like this stupid house to spontaneously burst into freakin' flames.
I would like a lawyer to return my calls,
and be more interested in "PRINCIPALS" than money.
I would like my credit cards to go away.
I would like my friends and family to forgive me for being so depressed and self-absorbed.
I would like to sleep more than 2 hours at a time.
I would like to eat without throwing up 20 minutes later.
I would like my head to stop pounding.
I would like to stop crying.
I am grateful for the fact that I am not sleeping in my car.
I am grateful for being on this side of the flower bed.
I am grateful for all my friends and family.
I am grateful for my health... as lacking as it may be right now.
I am grateful for Tim Horton's and the Imperial Tobacco Co.
I am grateful this year is almost over.
I'm especially grateful I haven't lost my sense of humor... : )
. . . Happy Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, October 21


. . . It's 4am. Can't sleep.
For those of you interested, there is a meteor shower going on right now. It started yesterday, and will peak tomorrow night. It happens every year around this time, and can be found shooting across Orion.
As for the insomnia... I don't know what's going on, but it sucks. How can you have no energy, yet not be able to sleep? It makes no sense. It's stupid.
Oh well. . . in a few hours it will be a brand new day!!!
Happy Tuesday : )

Sunday, October 19

Red, Gold and Green

I love Fall.
Without a doubt, my favorite time of year.
Woke up with pink-eye this morning. So that puts a damper on my day. Other than that, just sitting here trying to think of something entertaining to write about.... I got nuthin'
Wish this stupid house was packed and ready to go. Not looking forward to organizing things. I've blown it off for so many months now, I don't know where to start. (le sigh)'s addicting.
Think I need another cup of coffee.... then I'll get started! (wink)
Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

Friday, October 17

New Phone

. . . Got my new phone the other day. It's very kewl. I do alot of "texting" with it now.....
Found this pic, just had to share the giggle....and the stupidity!!!

Lucky 13 ???

. . . So, it's true... found a house to rent for November 1st. Can't wait!!! It's perfect for us, even has a deck out back and a nice little yard with a garden! Woot!

For those of you who don't know, I kinda have this "thing" about house #'s. Don't know why. My favorite # has always been .... yup, you guessed it ~ 3 !! When Trinity was born my house # was 3, her name is Trinity (hello?), my first house added up to 3, etc....

My point being..... the new house # is 58, which of course adds up to 13. This has me a bit concerned! LOL My flood happened on Friday the 13th.... hmmmm (wink) ~ not sure where I'm goin' with that, but........

Thursday, October 9

Ahhhh.... it's Britney!!!

So.... my peeps, I'm back from the abyss with not much new to share, other than I think rentals are grossly overpriced!!! OMG it's robbery!!! lol

Caught some good shots of TT the other day!!

This one makes me giggle. : )

Wednesday, October 8

Notice of Correction:

For some reason, I felt the need to clarify the skunk story and rescue my friend's ego. lol !!

Last weekend we were all informed that there was a Grizzly bear with 3 cubs in the area. She was spotted about 6 or 7 miles from the campsite. Fish and Wildlife rangers were walking in the fields behind us with rifles looking for this bear. Apparhently she had killed a man a few days before that near Sundre.... which is only 5 min away.
This was unsettleing for everyone!!!
So,...... late at night,... a scuffle by the trailer door ~ even the devil himself would have knocked it up a few octaves and let out a squeal!!!

The sight of the skunk was a relief.....

Tuesday, October 7

Warning: Girl Stuff....

...Here is a picture of Trinity and Robyn...they are such amazing little girls.

...They do "clash" a bit, but every once in a while they have a "moment" together. This was one of those times. It's interesting to watch them ...

Although this may sound funny... I think it's good Trinity has found somebody to "butt heads" with. There is far more growth in that...I don't think we grow from "perfect" situations.... but, from our challenges. What better way to learn tolerance, acceptance, and respect? The alphabet they can learn at school. But how to get along with all people.... that's one of the many things I hope to teach my child. Ahhh, kids. They're great.... I remember growing up as an "only" child. The bonds I made with childhood friends were like "sisters by choice"... I have always thought was very cool.

Watching Trinity and Robyn, it seems crazy to me how we (adults) complicate our relationships, no matter what capacity they may be. What happened to ..... " I like you, you like me..... let's hang out". Does anything else really matter in the end? Isn't the rest just "details" of life that you figure out along the way.... together? Am I missing something here? ... Now, of course there does need to be boundaries and discretion involved in the choices we make, but after that...... ?

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on that....

Monday, October 6

Mystery solved

.... Happy Monday !!! First things first.

The "Rice Crispy Caper" has been solved.

For those of you not familiar.... a few weekends ago I brought out a huge box of rice crispy squares to the campsite. They are Richard's favorite. They were very good. Even Richard commented on how nice and soft they were in the middle, and how there was just the right amount of marshmallow...etc.

I cannot stress enough how good they really were. We all loved them.

Well, as it so happened, one of us ( and I wont mention any names here) left them outside overnight. In the morning... an empty box, not even a crispy crumb.... A moment of silence, a blank stare was indeed "empty".

For the longest time, I smiled at the idea Richard was just hiding them... he'd stop teasing eventually. I was sure of it. But that moment never came. There has been alot of speculation about that night ever since. A story to tell for a long time. Funny.

Acceptance ensued, and we can laugh about it now. Stupid squirrels.

Then the other night, in the wee hours of the morning (bags under my eyes to prove it), something rustled by the trailer door. Someone beside me (again, I wont mention any names) screamed like a girl...... not at the noise ~ but at the sight of what it was. Funny stuff! but, in all fairness, it was after he reached for the flashlight faster than you can say ..."bear!"

Anti climatic ending? It was just a skunk. We named him "PePe Lepew" ( big stretch there hey?).... He was kinda cute. Very calm. Just meandered through the campsite for a bit, checked us out a couple of times, then went on his way. Mystery solved. A neat way to end a great evening. Thanks Pepe!

This was the best shot I could get.

"Good times...."

Thursday, October 2

Random thoughts....

Haven't been bloggin' much this week... (le sigh). Not sure why, maybe just too much goin on. The house is sold, as of Oct 15. Can't wait to leave all this crap behind and get on with my life. At this point I don't even care if I get my money back... I just want it done. Over. A new page..... blah, blah, blah. ( wink). So, now the task of finding a place to live... wish I could just "wiggle" my nose and have it done for me while I went camping or something! LOL

Trinity is.....,well um...... funny as ever! There were no rocks today (odd), but she was dancing up a storm on the way to the car, guess she forgot. She wanted to wear her Cinderella dress, shoes, and tiara to school, so that was a bit of a challenge to change her mind. It was fine... but man she puts up a good argument!!! Ahhhh... like I keep saying, "good times ahead". I was a bit of a smart-ass growing up (hard to believe, I know), think she might give me a run for my money! The mother's curse...I won't escape it. It's Karma, pure and simple.

Been thinking alot about, well..... life, in general lately. Isn't it just crazy, when you really stop to think about it? Change is constant... seemingly random, yet there is always a purpose, a pattern... crazy! . I'll skip the rant about quantum physics, and just say...... it's crazy!!!

See, wasn't it almost better when I wasn't blogging? (wink). Anyway, I do feel like writing today. Been doing alot more journaling lately... which I'm thankful for. I never lost my passion for it, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Weird! Guess I just got numb to all the drama over the years. It certainly takes it's toll on your spirit.... suppose I have been somewhat "depressed" by the weight of everything. Time to break free from it once and for all.

And on that note, I'm off to go camping tonight!! I'm all ready for another nite of "assuming the position". Bailey's, cigarello's, campfire.... it's gonna be great! There are a million other things I should probably be doing instead, but it can wait another day.
Have a great weekend everybody!!!