Monday, October 6

Mystery solved

.... Happy Monday !!! First things first.

The "Rice Crispy Caper" has been solved.

For those of you not familiar.... a few weekends ago I brought out a huge box of rice crispy squares to the campsite. They are Richard's favorite. They were very good. Even Richard commented on how nice and soft they were in the middle, and how there was just the right amount of marshmallow...etc.

I cannot stress enough how good they really were. We all loved them.

Well, as it so happened, one of us ( and I wont mention any names here) left them outside overnight. In the morning... an empty box, not even a crispy crumb.... A moment of silence, a blank stare was indeed "empty".

For the longest time, I smiled at the idea Richard was just hiding them... he'd stop teasing eventually. I was sure of it. But that moment never came. There has been alot of speculation about that night ever since. A story to tell for a long time. Funny.

Acceptance ensued, and we can laugh about it now. Stupid squirrels.

Then the other night, in the wee hours of the morning (bags under my eyes to prove it), something rustled by the trailer door. Someone beside me (again, I wont mention any names) screamed like a girl...... not at the noise ~ but at the sight of what it was. Funny stuff! but, in all fairness, it was after he reached for the flashlight faster than you can say ..."bear!"

Anti climatic ending? It was just a skunk. We named him "PePe Lepew" ( big stretch there hey?).... He was kinda cute. Very calm. Just meandered through the campsite for a bit, checked us out a couple of times, then went on his way. Mystery solved. A neat way to end a great evening. Thanks Pepe!

This was the best shot I could get.

"Good times...."

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Mama Connie said...

This is something we will always remember and laugh about. Good times. Looking forward to the weekend again. Take care