Tuesday, October 21


. . . It's 4am. Can't sleep.
For those of you interested, there is a meteor shower going on right now. It started yesterday, and will peak tomorrow night. It happens every year around this time, and can be found shooting across Orion.
As for the insomnia... I don't know what's going on, but it sucks. How can you have no energy, yet not be able to sleep? It makes no sense. It's stupid.
Oh well. . . in a few hours it will be a brand new day!!!
Happy Tuesday : )


mama connie said...

Hey there. Lots in your life going on right now. Understandable that you can't sleep. It will be ok. You wait and see. Once you are in your new place everything will fall into place. Take care.

The Robichaud's said...

Hey I was up at 4 too! But I was up because of two little ones that didn't want to go back to bed. It was probably quieter at your place