Wednesday, October 29

Warning: Stupid and depressing post

"Better to be without logic
than without feeling. "
Charlotte Bronte

I want my daughter back with me.
I want to get rid of this stupid, stupid house.
I want my life savings back.
I want my business back.
And somewhere out there is my sanity.... I would like that back too.
I would like to wake up in the morning with my daughter by my side.
I would like emotionally stunted people to just drop off the face of the earth.
I would like this stupid house to spontaneously burst into freakin' flames.
I would like a lawyer to return my calls,
and be more interested in "PRINCIPALS" than money.
I would like my credit cards to go away.
I would like my friends and family to forgive me for being so depressed and self-absorbed.
I would like to sleep more than 2 hours at a time.
I would like to eat without throwing up 20 minutes later.
I would like my head to stop pounding.
I would like to stop crying.
I am grateful for the fact that I am not sleeping in my car.
I am grateful for being on this side of the flower bed.
I am grateful for all my friends and family.
I am grateful for my health... as lacking as it may be right now.
I am grateful for Tim Horton's and the Imperial Tobacco Co.
I am grateful this year is almost over.
I'm especially grateful I haven't lost my sense of humor... : )
. . . Happy Hump Day!!!

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mama connie said...

Hey! You know things happen for a reason. I believe it is testing you. Look at the bright side of things. This weekend you are moving into your knew home. Think of that and Trinity being with you. Call me if you need any help moving. I am there for you.