Thursday, March 19

Friends & Laughter

Had lots of time to reflect the last few months... in the end, it came down to this picture.

A very special friend comes to mind... we have had some laughs!!! I would not have survived this long in life without knowing she was out there somewhere... still thinking I was funny.
She is an amazing, beautiful, insightful and funny friend... oh ya, .. and she thinks I'm cool.
BTW.... i'm the one on the left. ( wink)

I have been blessed with many friendships that are filled with sharing and laughter.... it is what makes me who I am. It is the bulk of my experiences. It is the one thing that didn't get washed away in the flood.

I'm still laughing!!!


Lisa said...

Your post made me simultaneously laugh AND cry. Where did you find that pic??!!! SO CUTE!!!! And that really IS you on the left... :)

I love you too, and honestly, even as the years ticked by, I always knew we were still "there" for eachother.

And always will be... swoon!

mama connie said...

Nice to see you here again. Keep it up now. See you tonight.