Thursday, March 26

Good Gum?

.... And so it begins.

" Mommy, guess what?"

What? I say. Expecting the reply "chicken-butt"):

"Well, ... um... ya know Dillon at school?" (Sounding like " ya know, one time, at band-camp?" )

" I think i'm falling in love with him." She adds.

"Oh, I see. Well... falling in love is very serious business. Are you sure?" I say. Trying desperately not to smirk.

"Uh-huh. I know its love because he shared his gum with me. So that means we're in love." She says, very matter of fact.

"Oh, I see."
Again, this is all I can come up with at this point? I was searching for the right thing to say, and all I could come up with was " Oh, I see" (geesh) What I was really thinking was, how much simpler life could be if it was only about sharing at stick of Trident. This was not the time for that discussion, so I took the safe road.

" Well.... hmm... " I add. "Did you like the gum?"

Huh??? I say to myself. "Did you like the gum?????" Where the hell did that come from? Could've asked, "did you say thank you?", or even "that was nice sharing, hey?" ..... no, no, I wanna know ......DID YOU LIKE THE GUM? Apparhently, for me, I'm all about the gum!!!

" Uh-huh. It was spicy." She continues. " But ya know what???? .... I am "in loooove" with him mostly 'cuz he listens to me.... and when I call his name now, he doesn't even put his hands over his ears anymore.... and he always says " yes, Trinity?"


"So..... that's why I falling in looooove with him. And..... ya, so anyway, ... well, we're in love, but don't worry - we're not gonna get married until we kiss. Maybe I'll even share my "gummy worms" with him.

And just like that, my head started spinning. ....

And now I'm thinking...... Does anything about relationships really change as we grow up?? Is "gummy worms and spicy gum" the only variable?? And when the hell did I become more concerned with how good the gum is?

I've had good gum. I've had not so good gum. I've had pretty bad gum, and gum that was spectacular ..... I'm still single.

I've known boys that cover their ears when I call..... I even married one of them cause he had good gum....
I've known boys with spicy gum that always said "yes, dear?", but the gum lost its flavor real fast....
I've known boys with gum so awsome that it left me begging for more, but they were too busy giving it away to anyone else that liked their gum!!!!

Where's the MAN who doesn't cover his ears, challenges me by sometimes saying no, has skeletons clearly labeled in the closet, has a job, isn't gay, doesnt live at home, knows his own heart, and has nicely wrapped-long lasting great tasting gum?? (...and not the sugarless kind either. I want the big red gumball, with enough glucose to put me in a coma.)

Anyway, that's my schpeel for today.

But seriously ... She likes this little boy because he listens to her. Who's teaching who? It has taken a 4yr old to bring me back to the basics.... : )


Lisa said...

OMG I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS POST!! And you know what? Your last sentence is EXACTLY what I took away from it. "I love him because he LISTENS to me." Wow. I'm all verclempt.

mama connie said...

Beautiful. Couldn't have said it better. Great evening with Trin last night.

Jodi said...

Great post - it was like reading a passage out of a great book! You seem a little more like yourself again - I'm glad.
What kind of gum do you offer in a relationship??? said...

This is a great post! I love it. My she still in love with him???

magda said...

Ok, I hate my husband even more now. The constant proverbial ear covering.