Friday, March 27


Trinity's version today of "Rockstar", by Nickelback.

Thank GOD she hears it this way. I had NO idea how quickly she would pick it up. Ahhhh, back to "Little People on the Farm"... before she figures out the real words. Yup, that would be my kid, starting Kindergarten and singing the song word for word. Pez dispenser and all.

Anyway, here is how she sang it for me (all day, may I add) verbatem:

So tell me what cha want....
"Cuz we all just wanna be big Rockstars,
and live in hill popped castles, riding 15 stars...
The girls, some pretty, and the bugs dont squeak
We all call Jimmy, but he just wont eat

And we'll...hang out with the smoothest stars
And we'll eat skippy in moving cars
Every good gold sweater's gonna wind up square
Avery's play boy's bunny has wound up hair

Hey, Hey.... I wanna be a rockstar!!


Lisa said...

OMG that is SOOO FUNNY!!! So so funny..

mama connie said...

Very cute. She has the makings of a rockstar.