Wednesday, April 1

April Fools

April Fools and the jokes on me.
I have writers block.
It sucks.

My friend lays dying in a hospice, and everything else seems so insignificant and petty.
The family has been called. Organs are shutting down. Pain can no longer be controlled.
And we all sit by waiting for the phone to ring....

I read my daughter an extra story tonight... and hugged her a little tighter.


mama connie said...

Who is it in the hospice? Sorry to hear that.

Michele said...

Thanks Connie... it's my friend Marina. She's been battling breast cancer for a few years now. Took a turn for the worse a while back... it's horrific.
She's my age, with two teenage daughters and a new husband. It's very, very sad.

Lisa said...

That makes my soul hurt. Will pray for your friend that she "go home" soon.


mama connie said...

That is very sad. My prayers are with her that she go quickly. No one likes to see someone suffering. Hugs to you today.