Tuesday, April 21

Six dollar breakdown

Ahhh... the Hospital Parkade. A wonderful place, very convienient.... until you try to leave!

After an exhausting day waiting to see my specialist... Trinity by my side. Both tired and hungry... it went something like this ~

3:00 ~ Take my ticket to the booth on level 4 (have to pay first before leaving) . Cant find "bank card"... searching, searching - nope.
Tell attendant that I have to go to my car to get my "BANK CARD". She says she will keep the ticket till I get back. I say "okay". We are parked on level 2 - at the END of the parkade ( furthest spot you can get from the door) We take the stairs - healthy choice.

3:07 ~ back to the booth. Wait in big line up. Get to window.... SAME GIRL says to me as I hand her my card .... "oh sorry, we don't take interact" She smiles. I did not. She then suggests that I use the atm in the hospital to get cash. This pisses me off. I say nothing. She says she will keep my ticket until I get back... I say, "okay".....and head back to the hospital.

3:12 ~ arrive at Hospital ATM. Security guard, ATM dude. Machine is not working. I ask if there is another one... "I dunno" is his only reply. I bit my top lip. Trinity starts in AGAIN about how "super hungry she is"... we had just waited 2 hours to see my specialist. I tell her to wait for a bit.. I ask information lady if there is another machine .... she simply says..." nope" then goes back to talking to her friend. I rolled my eyes at her and she says to ME...... "you're welcome" with a sneer. I point to her and say.... " YA KNOW WHAT???? TODAY IS NOT THE DAY" and stomp away

3:17 ~ Back in line at pay booth. My turn. I explain the machine is not working. SAME GIRL says.... "if you have your driver's licence, I can write you a ticket and you have 5 days to pay"
..... MY DRIVERS LICENCE IS IN MY FUCKING CAR!!!!!!! I choose not to say this to her.
Instead, I simply say 'we'll be back'
Off we go, back to the car. We, again, take the stairs - healthy and all. As we are walking Trinity trips and falls, hurting her foot. It's bruises instantly and she is wailing. I pick her up with one good arm and attempt to carry her the rest of the way..... she is being very brave. We get to the car ~ I search my purse and ashtray and scrounge up the $6 I need to get the hell out of there. I mean, nickels and dimes.... we drive to level 4, find a parking spot nice and close... go back to the booth.

3:23 ~ Wait in line, .... again. SAME GIRL. I give her my money. She gives me my validated ticket. All is good. "Yay, Mommy"

3:25 ~ drive to exit. Insert ticket into booth. Nothing happens.... SAYS I STILL OWE $1.50. WONT RAISE THE BAR, WONT GIVE ME BACK MY TICKET. Push "HELP" button ..... dial tone... then, busy signal.

3:26 ~ my left eye starts to twitch.

3:37 ~ I bang my head against the steering wheel a few times, then back out of the lane... and start circling the parkade for another spot so I can return to my new friend at the pay booth. Trinity is hysterical at this point, thinking we are trapped in there "FOREVER"... I try to remain calm as we stand in line.

3:29 ~ get to window. SAME GIRL. She looks at me funny... I tell her the ticket isn't working and the arm wont come up. She suggests that I try the other machine, 2 levels down - and if it doesnt work there, that I should press the help button !!!!!!

3;30 I feel my knees lock, my nostrils flare.... I say "Um.. nooooo. I no longer have the ticket. It wouldn't give it back." She says... " oh, well that's because you ran out of time since i validated it. It only gives you 10 min, and that was a half and hour ago." I say "I FUCKING KNOW THAT...."
3:32 ~Sensing that I am annoyed at this point, her supervisor comes over (finally - asshole) and gives her a special card. He tells her to follow my car to the machine and override the arm so I can leave.


..... Sometime around 4;00, while driving on the deerfoot I start to shake. Left eye starts twitching again. Pain in chest. Pull car over and cry. Update facebook status, cause that was the important thing to do.... have mild breakdown, then took trinity for Pizza.

Good times....


mama connie said...

Not a very good day I presume? Not hard to detect. Hope you have better days to come.

Jodi said...

Omigosh! What an awful day! I laughed out loud reading it - what else can you do on a day like that??

Mikki Black said...

Wow. That is WAY worse (and funnier) than the time I got stuck in the parking garage! I'm glad you finally escaped. Do you still get ticked just thinking about it though?

Happy SITS sharefest day!

Michele said...

Thanks for your comment!! :)
Ya, it was a quite the memorable day.... LOL

Did make for a fun post to write though....

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

Oh my gosh, what a hassle. I get that eye twitch too when I'm stressed out.

I'm glad it was all worth it though and you had a great time!

magda said...

what a great account of a super fucked up day. sorry. gald i found you on nancy's comments.

magda said...

ok, totally love this even more as i discover new details previously missed due to laughing and relating way tooo much. Please re-run this. Please. Can you beleive I am reading your post for the umteenth time on new year's eve at 10:17 while my husband alternates the tv between rerun of cops and motocross. I think I would like to see a re-enactment. The I dunnos', nopes, and snotty your welcome may have driven me to do very bad things. This week I realized that each time I am unpleasant to someone, it could be the person behind the desk and my next interview or the principal of a school my child will attend. May be a good time to shape up with some self restraint. YOu have inspired me, with your model behavior in a beyond stressful situation. That would have sent me around the bend even without a kid in tow. JFC!

happy new year, michelle