Monday, April 6

Snip, Snip

"Take a picture of my beauuuutiful hair, Mommy." Trinity said. "I'm gonna do something special with it today, and then surprise you..... kay?"

I agreed, figuring I had time for a quick shower while she fussed; a normal routine in our house. With her ponytail skills now mastered, I figured it would be picture worthy..... I had no idea!!!

So, off I went....
And off she went...... to get her craft scissors!!! Again, .... I had no idea!!!!

As far as showers go, it was pretty good. Longer than I expected to have. "Kinda nice" I though to myself, still clueless. "She must be having fun"

NO IDEA.....

Before long, I heard excited footsteps race into my bathroom....
"Mommy, Mommy.... are you done yet? I did it!! I did it!!! I made the perfect hair. Look Mommy, LOOK!!!

So, I did.

Then, I looked again...

"Where's her freakin' hair?" I thought to myself. "Where's the.... how did.. is it........ oh sweet Jesus, she cut her hair!!!!"

I started to giggle.

She smiled even wider.


"Do you like it, Mommy?".....


mama connie said...

So what does daddy think of this haircut? Well if he doesn't like it, it will grow back. Tehehe

mama connie said...

What did you do with the hair? You should send it to the cancer society to make a wig.

Daddy said...

Daddy smiled and laughed more than Mommy

I think it is cute and she loves it. All of her friends at Day Care tell her they love her hair. So we can not go to the Hair Salon and get it fixed - CAUSE IT'S PERFECT

Kids will be kids! No vanity, no cares, no worries

If only we all took time to be kids!

EcoMeg said...

Oh my gosh! I think I would have had the same reaction.

I love your blog!