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Airdrie City View Friday, September 11, 2009
Never too young to give back
Rocky View Publishing
Donations come in every size, but
it’s not every day that a five-yearold
girl donates to the Canadian
Breast Cancer Foundation.
Trinity -----, of Airdrie, recently
held a cookie and lemonade stand
in conjunction with her mother’s
multi-family charity garage sale.
Trinity’s original thought was to
sell a few cookies and cups of
lemonade for profit but after asking
mom what the garage sale
money was for, she changed her
“She made about $25 that day,”
said Trinity’s mother Michele.
“She asked about what we were
doing with our money, so in fiveyear-
old language we explained
‘sore boobies’ and that mommies
can get really sick.”
Trinity immediately said she wanted
to give her $25 to the cause, and
it began to balloon from there. A couple of jaws dropped when
she said that,” said Michele. “I had
some friends of mine say how cool
it was, and they are going to match
her donation.”
Michele says it was not the easiest
of conversations to have with
her daughter, but seeing her reaction
made it worth while.
“She is so amazing, it was overwhelming,
I don’t know how to
describe it,” said Michele. “I am so
proud of her.”
From the generosity of friends
and family, Trinity has raised about
$500 so far.
As the number of donations continued
to grow, Trinity’s aunt
Bonnie, who plans on participating
in this year’s Run for the Cure
brought forward the idea of Trinity
participating. Trinity is now registered
to partake in the CIBC Run
for a Cure to be held at South
Centre Mall in Calgary on Oct. 4.
Including the money that has
been raised by herself and her aunt
Bonnie, more than $1,000 dollars is
expected to go to Breast Cancer
In 2008, 55 communities and
170,000 Canadians participated in
the Canadian Breast Cancer
Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.
Together, they raised $28.5 million
for breast cancer research, education,
awareness and programs.
To pledge either Trinity ----- or
Bonnie ----- on their Run for the
Cure, visit, or
visit Trinity’s Facebook group page
titled Trinity’s Lemonade Challenge.


Poltzie said...

That was a great article! Way To Go Trinity!!

Lisa said...

What an amazing child you have (although you knew that, I'm sure)! And what a great community for supporting your kiddo and the cause! Kudos to the newspaper for giving you the photos, too. (You and Trinity are beautiful!) An all-around super post, pointing out the GOOD things that go on in the world! Thank you!