Saturday, September 19

Fahsion Sense

For tonight's sleep over at Daddy's place, we have decided on pink and purple hair. To match our yellow shirt, red skirt, pink hoodie, and striped blue socks.


You can see her comin' a mile away.

She thinks it looks "fabulous" ( her new favorite word this week)... so, who am I to argue ~ I've been in my pyjama pants all day!!!

I was treated to a "breakfast cafe" just outside my bedroom door this morning. It was all ready by the time I got out of the shower. When she told me she had a surprise, I was just thankful that she didn't cut her hair again..... but, no....

She grabbed her little pink table and stools, put it in the hallway and served us our breakfast, which included: applesauce, oranges, and ritz crackers. Oh, and juice. It was wonderful. So cool. (and much more appetizing than the cottage cheese concoction she made a while back. Things are improving LOL )

Anyway,  she is off with her dad for the weekend. 

And there ya have it,

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