Saturday, September 19

Friday Funny's

Sleepless nights and 5yr olds who start bouncing on your bed at 6 a.m. ~ is there a snooze alarm for that??

Ah... remember the days when the snooze button meant something? I do. We were fast friend for years. Loved the snooze... all about the snooze, actually looked forward to the snooze. I remember setting my wake up time earlier than necessary, ...... that's right, just so I could hit "snooze".

Now, ........I don't even own an alarm clock anymore.

Insomnia. Seriously. Why does it only happen at night? I don't have it during the day. I could nap in the afternoon at any given moment. Pillow, throw blanket, blazing sun in my eyes. Whammo ~ I'm asleep.

I have tried to "power nap" during the day, after a long sleepless night... this is not recommended with an imaginative child running loose in your house.
Which got me thinking about all the wonderful, creative things she has done over the years:

~ She has given the goldfish a bath, with half a bottle of sunlight dish detergent. Bubbles everywhere. Great fun.

~ She has posed to take a picture of herself, buck naked on the kitchen table, covered in finger paint from head to toe... wearing nothing but rubber boots... (must find that pic... stay tuned)

~ Unraveled every roll of toilet paper in the house because "curious George" did it, and mommy laughed.

~ Made me a wonderful mixture of cottage cheese, sour cream, apple sauce, and shredded carrots for breakfast. Which of course I had to eat, while she watched with glowing anticipation. Threw up in my mouth a bit, but still smiled and said "yum"

~ Of course, followed by a flavoured coffee.... consisting of coffee grounds, cold water, squished raspberries and chocolate sauce. Yum. Lookout Starbucks.

~ She has painted my toenails while I slept. Each a different color.

~ Gave me a new turtle tattoo, on my calf, with a black felt pen of the permanent kind ....

~ ... And then made a sideways Happy Face on her "girl parts" with her markers. ( Her father was particularily impressed with this one.) I don't have to tell you where the nose was.

There's more... but I'll save those for another post. Perhaps we'll have a "day" each week... where we can all share the crazy things children do. I shall give that some serious thought.

Suffice to say my napping days are over.

For now, I will be content with looking like a Zombie and tell myself that underneath the tired saggy skin, and bloodshot eyes is the heart of a woman who is vibrant, charming, and not quite in her 30's yet!!!

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