Thursday, September 17

Hump Day

       Well, Hump Day has come and gone without any major upsets in our little chunk of the world. Trinity is absolutely loving school. She seems to be adjusting to it just fine, like we knew she would. She loves her teacher, and has made some cute little friends. Can't believe how much it really does take me back to my early school days. I am loving every minute of it so far.

        Her teacher called me aside yesterday after school to ask about Trinity's reading skills. I didn't know what to say. Trin has been reading for a while now. We do flash cards and stuff everyday. I don't push it on her or anything, she just always wants to learn more..... I'm very proud of her. When I told her what the teacher said, she just shrugged it off, like it was no big deal!

       Had the nicest surprise today as well. A friend of mine dropped off a mountain of clothes for Trinity!!! Allysia, if you're reading this... thank you sooo much.

       Not really anything too funny or interesting enough to make fun of today. Just a regular day in the life.... I welcome it, in a way. We've been all full up on crazy around here.... and while it doesn't make for an interesting blog read, it makes for a much calmer "mommy"

       We did go and watch her dad play volleyball tonight. All her "Auntie's and Uncle's" play on Nathan's team, so it's super fun for Trin. She gets a chance to see everyone. Got to watch over my friends baby girl, Leah. She's almost 9months old, and cute??? OMG... cutest EVER! Seriously, such a doll. Love her to bits. We chatted a bit, smiled at each other, and sang some songs. Great fun!

       Oh, and tomorrow Trinity informed me that we are going to play a new pretend game ALL DAY!!! She get's to be the "Mommy" and I get to be the "little girl"! Should prove interesting !

And there ya have it,


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