Saturday, September 19

I Has the Blah's

Today was a write-off.

It started out like any other day.... with the exception Trinity not tickling my feet at 7a.m. (yes, that's how she wakes me up if I'm still asleep) ~ truth be known, I absolutely LOVE someone touching my feet, so I pretend to be asleep and milk it for all I can ~ is that wrong of me?

Anyway, Yes.... with the exception of my "foot tickles", it started off like any other day. Coffee in hand (treated myself to a Timmy's), computer on, and then ..........ahhhh, a little facebook time. I indulged a little longer this morning... it's Saturday, after all.

Cleaned up the house a bit. Stood in the doorway of Trinity's room, and pondered ~ "Hmmm, I don't remember hearing the hurricane that whirled through here. So, after moment or two of assessing the damage, I simply closed the door and backed away nice and slow.

Then ..... it hit me. I mean ~ HIT ME, the outta the blue kind. I puked. Then, I puked again. and then, ....... I puked again. It was official ~ I had a flu bug, or "The Blah's" as Trinity calls it.

Seriously ~ No warning. No internal dialogue between my stomach, mouth and brain. One minute I felt great ~ the next, crying like a baby over an apathetic toilet bowl, wanting my "mommy" to hold back my hair and get me a cold cloth.

And just like that.... the day was ruined.

Until Trinity came bounding through door, filled with pictures and stories about her day with Dad. And just like that..... all was right again with my world .

And there ya have it,

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