Saturday, September 12

I Have The Dumb

Well, now that I have decided to keep up with my blog..... Murphy and his stupid Law have set in. I GOT NOTHIN'

Me thinks this insomnia has taken it's toll on my creative side. Oh, it's in there somewhere, buried under a mountain of everyday life. Bills, laundry, dishes, housecleaning..... all that stuff that I loathe.

I have a friend, who is absolutely neurotic about housework, especially laundry!!!! She came to my house today.... I could see her top lip break out in a sweat when she checked out my laundry room, just for fun.....

The look on her face was hysterical....
"Doesn't THAT bother you, at all?" She asked.

"NOPE"... was my only reply.

Which got me thinking. I really don't care about that stuff, not like I used to. I mean, I was NEVER Martha Stewart ~ and for that matter, never wanted to be. But, I must say... my housecleaning has taken a back seat to walks in the park, and playing Barbies with Trinity.

I figure, we each have about 17 pairs of underwear.... so, we're good for a few weeks at least!! LOL

All kidding aside. My house is not "dirty", just ..... well, an absolute disaster. It's frustrating sometimes, yes. But I can find you something as small as a thumbtack at the drop of a hat. If I organized everything, it would probably take me twice as long to find it. So, in the meantime, it will get done, when it gets done.

My daughter is a happy, well adjusted, confident, caring little girl. And in the pictures she draws of me ~ I'm always smiling :)

On that note, I think I'll go throw a load of whites in the dryer and call it a night.

And there you have it,

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