Saturday, September 19

Pyjama Bloggers Unite

I seem to have unwittingly joined the ranks of pyjama

Had a quick search.... I appear to be in very good company. It's comforting. I am definitely not the only mother who's internal clock takes full advantage of a quiet house.

During the day, I am so tired I can feel my eye muscles relax enough to see double. Have to literally give my head a shake to stop it. I painfully go through Trinity's bedtime routine, longing for the moment when I can shuffle my feet across the hall and call it a night.

But then, it happens......
As soon as I get back to my room, sit down for one last visit on facebook, and a cup of tea...... my second wind. Not even kidding. It's insane. The feeling of having absolutely no responsibility for the rest of the night is exciting... and like a good visit with an old friend, I never want it to end.

And on a night like tonight, when Trintiy is with her dad, oooooh, I drag out this small taste of life BC (before children) and before I know it I'm doing a 2a.m. slurpee run and joining all the other baggy eyed bloggers.

I have tried everything out there. Right down to the little blue pills that leave that awful taste in your mouth. I will not take them when Trinity is here... they knock me out too hard. It will pass, I'm sure of it. In the meantime, it might make for some interesting posts.... who knows.

Any special cures out there? Feel free to share ~ I'm game for anything.

And there ya have it...

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