Tuesday, September 15

Loose Teeth

Keep forgetting to tell you all. Trinity officially has 2 loose teeth. One up top, one on the bottom. Can't believe it actually. I don't know why, but for some reason I never gave it much thought that she would be losing her teeth soon. I must say, it came as quite a surprise.

She's pretty excited. She is constantly wiggling them. Constantly asking me to wiggle them. Asking complete strangers if they want to wiggle them. Funny.

She has been "pretending" to have loose teeth for a while now. There were a few older kids in daycare that were loosing their teeth, and she wanted to be like the "big kids". So, it took me a while to take her seriously. I endulged her request and felt them move.... WOW!!

She is already contemplating what she is going to ask the tooth fairy for. So far, she has decided on a computer! One of those requests where you just look at them, smile politely, and say... "we'll see".
The tooth fairy is on "the welfare" in my house. She'll be getting a toonie, and a pack of stickers!! LOL

And there you have it,

Sweet Dreams!
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