Monday, September 14

Monday, it lasted all day

Well, for those of you with me on facebook, it's been no secret the problems I'd been having with my computer. I am happy to say, however, that today ended on a good note. New computer is up and running like a dream.

Not much to post about today.

Trinity was excited to go to school. She talked about it all weekend. Couldn't wait to get there this afternoon.

Went grocery shopping, which I loathe!

Overall, pretty boring Monday.

I'll try and be more interesting tomorrow.....

And there ya have it,


Poltzie said...

Yay for new computers!! Where did you get it?
Also, love the sig line. I really need one!!

Michele said...

OMG, Poltzie ..... I totally just noticed this commen!!

Yay... loving my new Puter... I got it from a local computer store here in town.

How's the sig line coming along??