Tuesday, September 15

Bubble Hearts

Okay.... I realized that I have somewhat strayed from the original idea of this blog.  It's about Trinity, and all the quirky things she does.  Kinda like a journal of her days (not a boring post about grocery shopping. :) ... so, I decided to let her design it. 
Of course, we went with pink and purple, and hearts ( can't have a web page without bubble hearts).... and a floating fairy. LOL

She loves it.
I love it too....

She is off to the new dayhome today. I will have her there a couple of mornings during the week.  The lady we go to also has a son in Trinity's kindergarten class.  I think it will work out just fine.  (fingers crossed)

And there ya have it,

ps.  the fairy's name is "Sharpay" ....  and if you run your mouse over her, she will move out of the way :)

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