Sunday, September 20

"No mommz alwed"

This is posted on Trinty's bedroom door.

Translation: " No Mom's Allowed"

On the other side, is a big smiley face... " Mommz may prooseyd"

Translation: "Mom's may proceed" ( this cracks me up... "proceed")

I have been instructed by my 5yr old roomate across the hall, that I must ALWAYS check the sign before attempting to enter her room when the door is closed ~

"Just in case I am still mad at you for something" she said.


Sheri said...

That is the cutest thing. My little girl is only 1 but I can't wait until I get to experience that -- or can I??? Ha.

amy Brown said...

ha ha adorable!

Lisa said...

That's great! Just wait til she hits 15 and means it in all seriousness! (That's when you ban all signs on doors!)