Sunday, September 20

Nothing To Wear

From the floor of her bedroom she sits ~ surrounded by a mountain of clothes that have been thrown askew in a fit of frustration. She is naked and sobbing. Tears stream down her face.

"I have NOTHING to wear" she cries.

And there it was....... The time in every young girls life ~ A rite of passage to Womanhood. The "I have nothing to wear" moment. Every woman has said it, every woman has felt it..... Every woman has "meant" it when she said it.

I was 11, my first time. NOT 5 !!! And this is where I was at a loss.

I mean, ... what do you say to comfort someone who has only just learned to dress herself ? I was clearly not prepared for this. Nor was my reaction the right one.
I laughed.
She screamed "Get out of my room".

I left her alone for a minute, mostly to regain my composure, and stifle the smirk on my face at how absurd she looked surrounded by all those clothes. I waited a moment. Then re-entered.... "mommy mode" in tact, and attemted to redeem myself in her eyes.

Some shining words of comfort were spoken. And she got back on the horse.
Crisis averted. Outfit picked.

White flowered t-shirt, denim capri's, ......... red/green christmas socks that say "Ho, ho, ho"
Now, that's an outfit!!!!

And there ya have it!

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