Thursday, September 24


I got nothing.


Been sitting here, staring at the ominous blank screen for nearly 10 min. Oh, there is lots in my head, but nothing worth putting into words. Actually, feeling very scattered . I have "mom-dumb", (a cute little quote that a friend shared this morning... made me laugh.)

It's sooo true. The "mom-dumb" thing. And I'm sure it's safe to say that I'm not the only one... somewhat comforting. Most times I can hide it pretty well.

Not today.

I went into the freezer tonight, to grab some ice... and do you know what I found?

The TV remote.


So, at the risk of writing an astoudingly stupid post. I think i'll just call it a night and try again tomorrow. Which is today... but not really, cause it's early ~ or late, however you look at it.

See what I mean.

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