Sunday, September 27

Little White Lies

So..... I lied to my daughter today.
I know, I know....... Gasp.
I told her that McDonald's was closed until tomorrow. ~ She is now telling the neighbours that they ran out of french fries.
Which got me thinking....
I did some research and this was what I found.
According to a recent study:
"The average parent will tell their child almost 3,000 little white lies as they're growing up - just to get their own way."

"Eight in 10 parents said they often told little white lies to their kids to protect them from the truth, whilst 46 per cent made lies up if they didn't know the real answer to a question."

"Interestingly, the majority of parents polled agreed their children pretty much stopped believing everything they were told by their eighth birthday."

Here are my fav top five:
  1. If you punch daddy in the crotch, he will give you candy.
  2. When the ice cream truck chimes that means they're sold out.
  3. Disneyland burned down
  4. It's bad luck to name every ant you see
  5. "Drinking water protects you from the monsters."
I wish there were more. Oh, how I wish there were more. I think we could all use some good back up ideas.... seriously.
Do you have a funny white lie you want to share?


MindyMom said...

Lol, I've used the "McDonald's is closed" lie before. I swear my daughter can spot those golden arches from miles away. In my 18 years of parenting I'm sure I've told plenty of white lies like that to my kids. No harm done. ;)

Shannon said...

These are so funny.

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog - you made my day when I was feeling down.

Anonymous said...

Right now it is that the cop will come get Lance if he don't listen to me, I have them on speed dial!!!

Bethany said...

LOL- I like the ice cream truck one. The kids at school would hate me for it though!

Anonymous said...

Police can see if you have your seat belt on and will take you away if you don't... He has started too look for the Police and now says "I can't see any" so I have had to add they are good a hide and seek!!!

sandil said...

I told my Joshua that his tongue turned green and only Mommies can see that, if he told a lie. To this day if I suspect he is telling a tale (or if he is suspecting I am telling a tale) we will say.... *Stick out your tongue*. When he was little he would refuse to stick out his tongue if he knew he'd get caught in a lie. Now that he is 29 we just get a real good giggle out of it.

Jeniel- what's wrong with mommy? said...

The first three are hilarious! My standard little white lie for my kids is "I'm sorry but we can't go to (fill in place here) because it's closed today."
It always seems to work. My kids think Disney and McDonald's are always closed lol
I think this blog is great, and that's why I wanted to give you the "One Lovely Blog" award. Check out:

Melyssa said...

So funny! Loved this! Thanks for the laugh...and..ahem..the ideas (-:

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Funny! I hate to admit it, but I've told my fair share of little white lies. The most recent? My oldest has a thing about eating "animals" and won't do it. So, when he asked what was for dinner, I told him turkey. "I don't like eating animals!" he said. "Well, it's not an animal. It's a...bird." He was ok with that. :)

Great blog, by the way! I love your writing style!

amanda said...

I have a 'double decker' living room with 18 foot long curtains. They hang at the top by giant, thick tie ball like tie backs that are screwed into the studs.
My kids think they are giant nails and if you pull on the curtains, the nails could 'get you'.

I didn't tell them that, but I kinda just went along with it! No one ever pulls on/tugs at/hides behind the curtains~!

Kristen said...

One of the most recent lies I told my daughter...

I was trying to get her to take a shower at my friends house after a day at the beach. She was screaming because the water hurt her sores. Screaming. Then we heard firetruck sirens. I told her that they had heard her screaming and they thought someone was hurt. She stopped screaming.


Anne - mommyhastowork said...

Thanks, I'll have to use some of these! LOL

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