Sunday, September 27

Denial... it's what's for Breakfast

Denial. Denial. Denial.
A lovely little word.
"De-ni-al. // : a refusal to admit reality or the truth."
Reality slapped me in the face today. I think my daughter is spoiled.... I'll let you decide for yourself:

"Mommy, I'm hungry"
"What would you like for breakfast, my love"
" Umm...... scrambled eggs and peanut butter toast"
"Sorry honey, we're all out of eggs, but I'll get you some toast"
"Awwww..... I WANT EGGS"
"Well,.... we don't have eggs. please put that whiny voice away..."

Now, I must emphasise.... how much I LOATHE the whiny voice. Seriously..... I can handle a lot of things about parenting. Whining is NOT one of them. Tolerance ~ zero!!
But, (le sigh).... life is categorically unfair, and I have been blessed with a child who is able to add a pitch to her whiny voice that sends me over the edge. 0 - crazy in 3 seconds flat.

But, off I go to make the "peanut butter toast".

Whiny voice has ceased. Blood pressure .... normal.

Yesterday she liked the little triangles I made. I decide to repeat the fun.

So, I make the toast. I cut the toast in triangles. I am proud of the toast. I bring her the toast. She looks at the toast. Then, her face squishes up and ..... I brace myself.
I have seen this look before......

" Awww, I don't want the triangles like that. I'M NOT EATING IT!!!! .... HMMMPH"

Plate is flicked across the table (that's right..... flicked!..lord held me). Arms crossed in a huff.

I pause. Not eating it?

I ask myself...... "Did she just do that, over a slice of freakin' TOAST? " The voice said ...... "Yes Michele, she did." My child.... my darling, sweet, loving child is spoiled.

and so, I finally said: (in my best "mom"voice) EXACTLY what my mother said to me!!

(although, I did sound more like Tom Hanks shouting... "there's no crying in baseball" )

"C'mon.... there's no crying over toast....!!!!! Eat it, or don't eat it. But, you know what? ~ there are lots of little boys and girls in the world who don't have enough to eat."

"Fine then." she replies with the defiance of a teenager. " maybe you should just give it to THEM"


amanda said...

Oh no she didn't!
ha ha. I remember my father using the same line with lima beans. I, just like your daughter said to give them to the hungry kids.
cute blog!
following from MBC.
amanda @

mama connie said...

My mother would say " You don't want this? Then get away from the table because you are not getting anything else." Believe me from then on I started eating everything she gave me. Didn't like going without food at all so decided I better eat what is given to me.

Chef Eureka said...

Hehehehe, yup, I've heard that one before. The whiney voice is like nails on a chalkboard. It just makes me go nutty.

I'm hopping over from MBC to follow you :) said...

OMG that whiny "Gimme" voice. I swear I'd give the child a Porsche if it would have stopped that sound :)

Kristen said...

Ouch! She is a smart cookie. My "aha moment" was when I came back from the store and my daughter asked me what I got her. I realized in that moment that I had always bought her something. Always. So I gave her whatever trinket I bought her and then I explained that I wouldn't be buying her stuff every time I went shopping. I think it was more difficult for me then for her.

Momma Such said...

Ha ha! I love that the first post I read on your blog has completely reeled me in! I was the oldest of 3 girls at my house, and now I'm raising 4 boys, which is so very different than what I was used to. However, I'm pretty well getting the wrestling and hotting and hollering and bug catching and dirty, messy behavior down pat. Oh, who am I kidding? lol

I'm your newest follower! I found your blog at MBC! Feel free to stop by my site. I'll have more giveaways up soon so be sure to check back often.

Ang said...

Oh that whining voice, I hear it every day from my 6 yearold.

I am stopping by from MBC and I am now a follower.

Nikki said...

Found you on mbc. Lovin' the posts. You're a great writer and your daughter sounds about like my kids!


Clueless_Mama said...

Hi! I love this post. I am the same way, I don't do well with whining! it makes me nuts. Your little girl sounds like a little pistol! Cute and smart.

Lisa said...

Oh man, I needed a good laugh today and the Tom Hanks line did it for me.

I feel your pain about the whining. Oh. My. God. They have NO IDEA how annoying they sound. But, so, you're telling me it doesn't STOP anytime soon?? Gah.