Friday, September 11

School Daze

First day of Kindergarten....

In some ways, I thought the day would never come. Now that it is here, I feel like all I did was blink.

First day of school went off without a hitch. She was up, dressed, teeth brushed and breakfast made all by 6:30am. Too funny. She let me sleep through the whole thing. How thoughtful.

I seriously think the most over-used phrase in the world is "time goes by so fast".... but I find myself thinking, and saying it all the time!

The strangest thing was how much it brought back memories of my own childhood "firsts", and how I felt my first day of kindergarten. I remember what was going through my mind, what macaroni covered with glue tasted like, what the school smelled like, .... and what the jiffy markers smelled like.....~ OH THE JIFFY MARKERS!!!

My second day of Kindergarten.... my teacher, Mrs. Harvey, found me in "house centre" with black marker spots all under my nose. I was complaining about a headache. Was very sleepy. Sooo, off I went to the nurses room to lie down until my mom came to get me. I can still see the smirks everyone's face who tried to warn me about "sniffing" the markers. I threw up on the way home. Ah, good times. I still love that smell.

Which brings up a new "fear" about parenting.... MEMORIES!!!! When she was a baby, and I did something stupid, I took comfort in the fact she was too young to remember. Now... I'm feeling the pressure! And feeling like a "MOM" on a whole different level.

But, all that aside. A great first day of school.

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Poltzie said...

Aww, what a big deal! I can't wait to hear all about it today!!