Thursday, September 24


Starting off like any other morning in our house, Trinity, with her Lucky Charms and favorite TV shows ; and I upstairs enjoying that first sip of morning coffee while checking out the latest on Facebook and waiting for my brain to wake up and join the fun... why is it taking so much longer, the older I get, for those foggy mornings to clear up? Not sure when that happened, but.... I digress.

Anyway, all is well. All is routine. Then out of the blue I hear a frantic voice coming from downstairs. It's Trinity. The desperation is clear, the words are not.

So, thinking that she is perhaps bleeding, or something must be on fire, I jump from my chair. My leg bangs into the keyboard tray, spilling hot coffee all over. "Shit". I then trip over my purse, stubbing my toe, and spilling purse contents all over the floor. "Shit" ..... I am now leaving little trail of red spots all over the carpet. The pain from my toe has travelled to my brain. I start to hold my breath..... then,

Oh ya, ....... right. The girl. Blood. Fire. Focus Michele.

Half way downstairs, she comes barreling around the corner at full speed and wipes out. She immediately starts to wail. I see no blood. She is not on fire.

So, there we are at the bottom of the stairs, both frazzled to some capacity. Both wondering what the hell is going on. This continues for a few minutes. Her eyes widen, and she begins her desperate cry for help that started all this in the first place. It went something like this....

"Mommy, Mommy..... HURRY!! I need a bucket. I need medicine and a temperature thingy ~ STAT!! Baby Abby is throwing up. She's really sick. Really. Hurry, hurry. I'll get the bucket, and you get the medicine and temperature."

This is the emergency. This is why my thighs are scalded with hot coffee and my baby toe is bleeding.

Wait a minute.... did she just say "STAT"?

So,...... yada, yada, yada. ~

Baby Abby is now doing well and resting on the couch, with a puke bucket by her side.

Trinity is back to her TV show and cereal.

And I am laughing my ass off.

and there ya have it,


That One Mom said...

Oh, Michelle! Too funny!!! I miss those days! I hope your toe is done bleeding, you've treated your scalding thighs, and cleaned up the coffee spill... It's all a day in the life!

Michele said...

Thanks for the comment. My toe is doing well... LOL

A day in the life is right.... never a lack of material with kids.

:) Smiles,