Monday, September 14

Super, Duper Sunday

Changed the layout of my blog today.... not sure if I like it. Been tweaking it, off and on all day. Just can't seem to get it right. Maybe I'll keep it, I dunno. I love fall.... it's my favorite season of ALL .... just can't get the colors right....

Great day today. Busy, but awsome!

Nose Creek Park in the morning. Farmer's Market. It was nice to spend the morning with people that are so easy to be around. I was thinking of driving down ~ then told myself, Geesh, Michele it's like a 5 min walk. I think my friend Bonnie would have shook her head at that one, so I kept it to myself : )
Lots of fun... only spent $5 on a hand knitted cradle purse for Trinity. My self -discipline amazed meLOL
Did you know that Airdire has a Choir??? Hmmm..... I had no idea. They were very good. Trinity loved listening to it....

Then we were off to her cousin's birthday Party... cupcake cake and ice cream. 7 or 8 little girls giggling was fun to watch. Had a nice time.

Then, a trip to Calgary to visit my father. Haven't been in to visit him as often as I would like. Hoping to get in on a more regular basis, now that I will be working more from home. Was very nice to just sit and visit... wish we could have stayed longer. And I dont think I say it often enough, but a HUGE kudo's goes out to my step-mother for all that she does for him.... day in and day out.! I know it's hard on her, but she never complains.
We love you Mama Max.... for who you are, and for all that you do!!

Trinity started to doze off on the way home. So cute when they do that. Car rides still make her sleepy. Had to carry her in the house.... out like a light in 5 seconds flat. I'm pretty lucky that way. She has NEVER fought me on bedtime. Sometimes, she will even put herself to bed. It's funny.

May be working a few lunch shifts at Paul's Pizza during the week. So for those of you that live in Airdrie, stop by for pizza! Serving friends was always my favorite. It will be nice to get back into it a bit. I miss it in some ways... it's just gonna be nice to be in and out... no late nights shutting down the bar on a Friday night. Those days are long gone for me.... thank goodness. Although, I do miss bartending!

Let me know if you like the new layout. Got some ideas from a friend who just recently changed her layout too. I love what she has done with her site..... I guess I'm just not feeling as creative today.

Anyway, gonna go and grab some much needed beauty sleep.

And there ya have it,

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