Monday, September 21

Sweet Caroline.... Whoa, whoa, whoa...

If any of you saw my post today on Facebook, you would have discovered what my precious little girl thinks of my singing voice. Her delivery ~ anything but subtle.

Along with not being able to enter her room anymore when the sign is posted "No Mommz alwed"... I was apparently "NOT ALWED" to sing in the house when she is home. Oh, I could sing all I want, but only after she had gone to school.

"Please don't sing when I am home, Mommy. It's okay if you want to, but you can only do it while I'm at school".

Silence. Ouch.

I thought about this. Pondered even.

And then you know what I did?

Yep.... I broke into song. Sweet Caroline. Loud & Off Key.
♫♪ WHOA.... WHOA.... WHOA..... good times never seemed so good!!!!♫♪♫

I sang it over and over. While she was getting dressed. While she was brushing her teeth. While she was doing her hair. While she was putting on her shoes. On the way to the car. In the car. Getting out of the car....

She finally laughed.

"All right, Mommy. You win."

and there ya have it,

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Anonymous said...

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