Tuesday, September 22

Tackle Me Tuesday

FLY ~ Finally Loving Yourself

Hello Everyone,
It's Tackle Me Tuesday, where every Tuesday I will be posting about housework, family, parenting, or just plain "whatever" kind of tips. Pick one thing, and get 'er done.

OVERWHELMED??? Then check out this site..... it's absolutely awesome. Seriously.
I can not begin to explain my love for this site. I have recommended it to many friends, but then I got to thinking why on earth is it not on my blog. I cannot say enough. It's amazing. AMAZING!!!

Now,... for those of you who with a spotless house, organized closets, and a creative idea for just about every little corner of your house, this site is not for you. But, if you join the ranks of overworked, under medicated, slightly ADD mother like me, then well...... the Internet gods have answered our prayers.

There is so much to say about this site, that it would take days for me to organize a proper review. So, I simply encourage you to check it out and see for yourself.
My job today is "Baby step #1".... polish my sink. hmmmm, sounds easy enough.
and there ya have it,
~ anyone got a "Tackle me Tuesday" tip for the day? Post a comment below and share it with us. I personally need all the help I can get....


That One Mom said...

That's so funny that you feature the Flylady in your blog today. I just mentioned her yesterday... However, I was talking about how I wish I could get my poop in a group and follow her brillance! I heart her!!

(Found you on themomblogs.... Stop by!)

That One Mom

mudmama said...

Hi Michele! I am loving your blog! And am going to write you back properly in a bit. BUT, I love me some flylady too (and God how I need her) and was just thinking about writing about it myself like yesterday and here synchronicity strikes. We must be kindred spirits! Baby steps ... baby steps!