Thursday, September 17

Things I Never Thought I'd Say

Sometimes, The words linger in my mind, just long enough to make me burst into laughter.  Ahhhh, Motherhood....  Somewhere ~ my mother is smirking! 
Here's just a few... feel free to add your own!

“Yes, you can eat under the table as long as you are quiet.“

“Please dont bat mommy's boobies around like that.”

“That’s called your vagina.”

“My ‘agina?”

[stifled horrified laughter - good lord that sounds wrong coming from her]

“No, Mommy was wrong. Those are your lady parts.”

“We do NOT eat lightbulbs. Ever!”


Trinity Rose said...

for some reason the comment section wasn't working.... sorry guys. Should be fine now.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the sweet comment over at my place. You inspired me to post today!

(Also I got a nastygram from BlogHer about inactivity. But I read your comment first, so you get full credit).

Poltzie said...

Haha! TOO FUNNY!!!