Sunday, October 18

Bog Awards... they're everwhere!!!!

Wow... I have been such a slacker on my posting the last couple of days!!!
Thanks so much for all the "comment love" !!
I forgot to add, that she was TOTALLY FARTING on her dad in that
ALSO.... recieved 2 more awards from fellow bloggy friends this weekend!
How cool is that.... :) Could I BE more appriciative ~ probably not.
Thank you SOOO very much to my friend at "Deal"ightfully Frugal  for
another one of these:

She has one of the best money saving blogs out there. And her posts about "life in general"
always make me smile.  She is a very special lady ~ Sooo sweet, and I absolutely
love her site!!! If you haven't checked her out, go there now!!

The second award comes from my friend and loyal follower, EcoMeg . She also has one
of the best blogs out there for "going green" and parenting.  Her site is filled
with all kinds of amazing stuff. A lot of time, effort, and love goes into all that
she does.  Definately check her out. I absolutely love her !!! And she was kind
enough to give me another one of these!!! (wow)

So, I'm suppose to tell about "10 Honest things about me".  This makes me go...
Hmmmm.  But here goes,
1. I LOVE cookies. Could live on cookies.
2. I have more Pyjamas’ than any other item of clothing. I loves Pyjamas
3. I was adopted at birth.
4. I had a cat for 19 years. His name was “Reefer”. I had him cremated.I now have
    a jar marked “Reefer” on my mantle
5. Yes, (in my youth) I have smoked Pot.
6. I cannot tolerate the sound of a barking dog.
7. My nickname as a small child was "Mishy-Boo". I remember how weird
     it felt when my parents outgrew calling me that.
8. The most powerful, life-changing thing anyone has ever said to me
    came from a complete stranger.
9. I slept with the same stuffed animal until I was 14. His name was “Fluffy”.    He
    knew ALL my secrets and dreams. I gave him to a very special little boy that I
    hope to see again one day.
10. I have no regrets.

Whew... there ya have it.  Thanks again for the awards. ..
And now,
I have one of my own, that I would like to foward on to a few of my favorite Bloggy Friends:
I am going to call it the "PIMP" award... (Pee'd in my Pants)

This award is self explanitory.  Here goes,
Jenna In the DItch
Diapers and Wine
Speaking from the Crib
Why Mom Drinks Rum
Good Girl Gone Redneck
If Evolution Really Works...
Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver
How to Survive Life in the Suburbs
There are many more... but I'll start with these ones for now.
 Make sure to check them out!!!
They have made me PEE IN MY PANTS on more than one occasion.
If you have a  PIMP  kind of blog that you would like to share,
pass this award along to them in your next post, so we can all "PEE" togther!!!


mrs_muffins said...

Oh, that is true. Lol! Especially about the planes! Flying is definitely taken for granted these days!

blueviolet said...

He is so completely right about everything. And I do remember dialing those zeros and getting mad myself!

Lisa said...

LOLOL!! "Can you give it a minute? It's going to SPACE!"

That is awesome and so true, thanks for the laugh on this dreary gross day!

Michele said...

I seem to have lost the video somewhere in my posting... crap. Will try and get it back. I totally loved the "going to space" as well.... too funny!!!

Amo said...

I also love pajamas and cookies. If I could, I would sit in my pajamas all day eating cookies. Perfect day.
And congrats on all your awards. You deserve them!

carma said...

I saw something on that cookie diet the other day and I was thinking I can definitely see the appeal! fun post. said...

Thank you so much for this award!! I'm off to check out the other blogs!

Thank you again!

otin said...

OMG!!! You smoked pot!!! A leaf of a plant?? A plant that grows in the ground?? What kind of evil act is this?? Oh the humanity!!! LMAO! I really think that it is a joke that people can get arrested for the leaf of a plant. I would have been a great hippie! Thank you for your very wonderful comment! That is why I blog!!

mudmama said...

Ok, totally feel like I know you too----and I know you even better after the honesty thing! You were cracking me up about Reefer the cat and your admission to partaking in another kind of reefer in your youth. I have the ashes of two teenaged kitties on my mantle and one teenaged doggie. xoxoxo

ModernMom said...

You dug deep for you Honest Scrap award! Well done:)
Thanks so much for passing on your PIMP award to me...LOVE it!!


Andrea (ace1028) said...

Love the PIMP/LMAO award! Thanks for passing it my way. I'll be posting the two you gave me soon to say thanks!!!