Tuesday, October 6

Feelin' the Love

Good Mornin' everyone. Bear with me today as I'm still working on my first cup of coffee,
and my brain is still thumping... so please forgive my scattered thoughts.  And
how poorly this post is written.

I have 3 more awards to share with you, from 3 amazing women. 
The first one is from Lisa, one of my best friends in the whole world, who just happens to have her own blog as well.  Her blog is Book Blab , where she does book reviews and interviews with authors and also has many great giveaways, and lots of cool stuff.   She is a tremendously gifted writer and her posts are always insightful, and thought provoking. If you haven't been to her site, you should go there now. She is also one of the smartest people I know.... Thank you so much, Lisa for my award!! I "heart" you.

The next is from Aimee, and also from Tami....
Aimee is an incredible mother of 4 great kids, and is the author of two great blogs, My Favorite Munchkins , and also, Don't Bug Me.... I'm Blogging! .  She is a fantastic woman, who blogs about her daily life. She is funny, caring, and I am so glad I met her in my travels.  Definately worth checking out.

The next is Tami, from Hearts Make Families , a popular blog that is definately worth checking out as well.  She is a very warm, sweet lady... who always has the most wonderful posts.  Well written, and always from the heart, she is a fantastic mother and  all her posts are filled with love and inspiration.  I also enjoy reading her earlier posts, she has quite the story, and definately worth the read. Thank you Tami for giving so much of yourself... we are all truly blessed to have found you.

Moving along.... the next is from another great lady I have been fortunate enough to meet in my travels.  Her blog is Peeling an Orange with a Screwdriver , with a title like that, you know you can't go wrong. She is also an incredible woman, who is kind, giving, and delightfully funny.  She has made me pee on more than one occassion.  She loves books, her children and her life... and it shows in her blog.  The creative edge she brings to her posts alway leave me coming back for more. She has been a loyal follower and is full of "comment love" . If you haven't been.... go there now.  I'll wait here.
She also invested the time to create this award herself,  how cool is that?

And so, there you have it.  ... did I mention that I have the GREATEST followers ever!!! Well, I do.  And I am seriously blown away by the response this little blog of mine has recieved.  Really... not even kidding!  When I started blogging a couple of years ago, it was just a place to journal the daily antics of Trinity.  I had NO IDEA that it would become what it has.  I had NO idea how many fantastic fellow bloggers I would meet along the way. Wow... wowowwow.. wowwy WOW!!! I feel truly blessed.
 Before, I just wrote for myself... so my MOM-DUMB brain wouldn't forget all the crazy things Trinity does.  Now, I write for you... and I love it.  Thank you so much for following along, and for all your kind words and comment love. 

So....  I am passing this award along to  those of you in my blog roll.  Like before, please go to "Blogs that Rock" and find yourself.  Concider yourself  Awarded ....
Do with it what you like... pass it along, keep it for yourself, but definately know that I "heart" each and every one of you.... I love all the blogs listed, and I do sit and read them everyday!!!!  I'm so glad I found you....


Silvia said...

Congrats on your awards. You really have a great blog. Love the pic of your daughter.

I'm following you from MBC

Catherine Anne said...
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Catherine Anne said...
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Catherine Anne said...

Ok Im going to try this one more time.LOL
Its so nice to meet you and Congrats you have a wonderful blog~

Lisa said...



Theta Mom said...

Not sure if I am on your blog roll, but you are ROCKIN IT girl! Woo Hoo! Congrats on all of your awards because you deserve them! I have found such incredible women since I started blogging and you are certianly one of them!!! :)

Joy said...

You got the mother lode of blog awards! :::applause:::

Michele said...

Thanks Ladies, for all the wonderful comments. I consider you some of the best bloggers out there, so I am deeply moved by your kind words.

Joy~ the motherload is right.I'm not worthy.LOL

Lisa ~You are sooo welcome. I meant every word.

Catherine~ LOL.. that was cute. I'm glad we met as well. I look forward to blogging with you.

Silvia~ thank you for following.I stopped by your site today as well. Great job.

ThetaMom ~ Wow..that means so much to me. I have admired your blog since I started. You rock! And of course you are on my blog roll!!! You were my first "cool site of day"... I heart you.