Friday, October 2

Manners Overboard

Do you remember the Berenstain Bears?  There's an episode where Sister and
Brother decide to drive Mama crazy by being overly polite... have you seen this one?
"Why thank you, dear Sister"
"Oh don't mention it, dear Brother"
and so on....
Well, Trinity got quite the kick out of it. So, we bought the book. We read it often.

Then one night while we were discussing manners, and the overall importance of them,
she decided that it would be cool to be "overly polite" for the day. I agreed.
It quickly escalated into silly talk, but I had no idea how hysterical she would be.
The trend spilled into the following week, on and off...
Here's some highlights ...

-"I really do quite like banannas now. They are most delicious.
-"I would most appriciate it, if you could please knock upon entering my room.
-"Oh, mother ~ you look astonishing today!"
-"So... what's on the agenda?"
-"Mother, I am not amused with your behaviour, right now."
-"Oh yes. I see what you're saying. Most interesting. "
-"Oh... you are too kind. "
-"Hmmm, that is odd. "
-"Forgive me for interupting. You may proceed. "
-"I've been giving this alot of thought. And I think, perhaps, you may just be
       the best Mother ever. Especially when you share your skittles. "
-"It's okay, Mom. You tried your best. I'm very proud of you. "

And finally... ( the best for last)
-"I sure seem to have a "cormahoopia" of barbies, hey?" ( seriously? ~ this one slayed me!!)
**I used the word "conucopia" while joking around on the phone with a friend.
It was ages ago ~ serioulsy . Trinity questioned me about it afterwards, asking what it meant. 
So, I told her.  I had NO idea she would remember.**

Which totally leaves me wondering what else she has overheard and remembered.....
"No honey, Mommy said TRUCK!! "

Happy Bloggin'


Kathy said...

Of course Mommy said "truck." ;) I had that happen once when I was a nanny. I REALLY did say "OH DUCK!!" in a realy funny voice while we were playing. the boys LOOOOVED it and repeatd and repeated. I dont think anyone actually believed me.

I followed you over from SITS. I really really liked your photo and the fun you are having with your daughter :)

Nikki said...

That is seriously cute! We LOVE the Bearentain Bears. I had them growing up and between those books and the ones I've bought my kids I think we have almost everyone of them. They are my favorite!!!

Chief said...

Oh my kids regurgitate so much back to me that they hear come out of my mouth. It is never the good stuff though!

Thanks for following me! BTW

Chef Eureka said...

LOL! I remember the Berenstain bears book about the lost tooth. It's so funny when kids change their manners or way they talk about something because of what they've learned.

The other day in the car my daughter speaks up from the back,

"Mother, that billboard sign is completely inappropriate."

Too bad I missed what she was looking at so I have no idea what was on it! :)

QueenCrazyMum said...

on a side note~we became each others' 50th follower!

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

It is actually SCARY sometimes how much our children pay attention to what they hear AND see us do. We are their most influential role models and they will mimic us in so many ways. That is such a powerful thing to digest, isn't it?

I'm stopping by from SITS. I just wanted to share a bit of comment love!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Teresa <><

Poltzie said...

Haha, too funny!!

Tanya said...

My goodness this was too cute! Btw Michele you have been chosen yet again for another award:)
Swing by my blog and accept it please!

EcoMeg said...

That is so funny! And what a vocabulary she has!

Thanks for all of your kind words on my site - I really really really appreciate it.

Love your blog!


Angel said...

Wow this was super funny! I was never that smart growing up! I am glad I found your blog!

beth♥ said...

We still have this book... and my boys are 14 and 9. Alas! They are boys. I am thankful they do mind their manners in public, but all bets are off at home. Sigh.

Natasha said...

Wow, and she's five?? She's obviously very, very bright for her age. VERY funny. And we have that book too. Never inspired my kids to be super polite though.... ;-)