Wednesday, October 7

Pigglet on my Plate

The day has come. I knew it would. It was just a matter of time.
Last night while making dinner, Trinity comes in the kitchen  "Awww, Mommmmm, when is dinner ready??
I could eat the whole earth, AND outer space!".  This is my drama queen's subtle
way of telling me that she is hungry.
"what's we havin?"she asks.
"Pork Chops" I reply.
"Mmmm, goody.  I love those"

I am relieved.  She is a very picky eater. I think it's more a texture thing.
And some nights it can be hit and miss.  I stopped catering to her long ago.
The rule is: you eat what you get, or you go hungry". It's a good rule.  I like the rule. 
Sticking with the rule.

Today, however the pickyness was raised to a new level.  It started off quite well.
TV off?  Check.  Hands washed? Check. Hungry little girl? Check. 
Finally a nice dinner with no whining, no bargining
"just two more bites"... and so on.  You get the picture.
Anyway, like I said.  Everything is right with our little world.
We are both enjoying small snippits of conversation... asking about each others day.
When out of the blue, she pipes up and says,
"Mommy, where do pork chops come from?"
 I Panic.
She has asked this before, but this time I felt she deserved the truth.. 
So, I took a deep breath, and decided to just get it over with.

"Well, ......pork comes from pigs" I say.  My eye is twitching
"You you mean there's little pigs in here?" She replies.

Wha? This did not make any sense to me at all.  Maybe she wasn't ready. Still, I forge ahead.

"No, darlin... pork chops come from pigs"
"Mom ~ That's just silly.  How can a PIG make a pork chop. They don't have any hands!!"
We laugh..  I try to change the subject.
"Really Mommy, what do you mean they come from pigs?"
Deep breath.
"We eat pigs." I explain. "a pork chop is part of the pigs leg" ( now, i'm not sure what part of the
pig it really comes from, but I'm making my point)
I have NEVER seen her eyes get that wide.  The wheels are turning, and I'm
pretty sure that suddenly, in her mind, this:

turned into this:

I'm on a roll, so I keep on going.  Bacon is her ABSOLUTE favorite thing to eat...
she will eat it until she gets a stomach ache. Serioulsy. Bacon, bacon, bacon.

"That's where bacon comes from too, you know"  (Get back... Mommy of the year award, no doubt!!)
Hell, I might as well throw "Santa" into the mix.
Her eyes are wider now, and getting glossy... the lip quivers. 
Again, I'm sure this:

 has turned into this:

She is whining now,  that whiny voice I LOVE so much.

"Well, what part of the little piggy does it come from? I'm not eating his BUTT am I? 
What if he pooped and they forgot to clean it.  Pigs can't wipe their own butts, you know!!" 

I try hard not to laugh while this poor little soul loses a slice of her innocence. 
I have nothing to say. I have said enough. She then adds ~

"Mommy, don't EVER make me bacon and eggs again... just the eggs. No pig bums"
As I "pinky-swear" on the scrambled egg thing ....

 I'm thinking....

I just couldn't do it. 

And there ya have it,


That One Mom said...

Hahahaha! I remember that conversation!

Christine said...

Good morning Michele,

OMG, that little chick at the end....too much!
I was a picky eater too. I was a vegetarian for years. It was even before I put 2 and 2 together..animals=meat. And you are probably right about the texture thing. I've always said that. I just can't put a hunk of a, slice of a, anything fleshy in my mouth, and chew. Gag:D
But I'll eat an egg any old time. It's what's for breakfast!
Hope you have a great day!
Take Care,

Nikki said...

When I got to the part where she asked what part of the pork chop was she eating I started laughing. I guess that is tough to explain to kids. I don't have that problem since we live on a farm. We don't have pigs but the kids know all about the ins and outs of raising cows and it's no big deal to them. Poor thing..hope you didn't scar her for life...: )

Amo said...

Thanks for putting my blog as the cool site of the day! That is so sweet of you and I really appreciate it!

My son is also a very picky eater, although he is only one. He is so picky that we still have to feed him baby food to get him to eat anything. It is a texture thing for him, too. He won't eat regular macaroni and cheese (he spits it out in disgust), but he will eat it if it is all ground up into mush. He won't eat any meats or vegetables. He is a bananas and yogurt kid.

I love your blog and am now a follower!!

Kristen said...

lmfao! Scrambled eggs too. Serve her some tofu instead of bacon and pork chops. That'll bring her back to the real stuff.

I had the chicken discussion with my daughter. After she was eating her chicken poking around and said "Mommy. My chicken is movin. I think it's alive." Stares at it and pokes around some more. "Never mind. It's dead." And then takes a big bite.

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Oh...we've had that conversation and God help me...I lied.

Michele said...

LMAO... These comments are great. I knew I wasn't alone with this. I also thought to myself, that "farm kids" learn about life and death much earlier than us city folk. So, I figured what the heck!!!

Thanks for all the comment love!
Happy Bloggin' , and thanks for stopping by


Lisa said...

OMG that was HILARIOUS!!!! Laughed and laughed, and then my lips fell off.

OMG.. SO SO funny.



blueviolet said...

That's hilarious! And I'm with your daughter about the poop. I always wonder if they might have missed a nugget.

Ronnie said...

Ooooh, I'm laughing! Thanks for adding the pics it make it so much more imaginable! Wait until she wants to know where the hamburgers are from...

Janie B said...

How awful! Next time she asked where some meat comes from just say, "the grocery store." (Then smile really big and move on.) lol

Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I'm now a follower of yours, too. Nice meeting you!

Amy said...

I am a none pig eater. I have not had pigs for years. The picture that was up today is of my little girl. She loves to wear hats. Have a great day.

I am Harriet said...

Very cute.
I'm stopping by to thank you for taking part in the comment challenge this month. Take care.

One Chic Mommy said...

That was hilarious! Kids are so funny and so smart, what choice do we have but to tell them the truth when they ask questions( most times anyway). Great post!

Poltzie said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! So funny!

Martha in PA said...

I remember that conversation with Tara... she has come to accept that it is what it is cows, pigs, fish, etc, but lamb... that is OFF limits. She LOVES bacon too!

LOL - Pig butts! said...

Loved this story, I'll never look at piglet the same either :)

Eve said...

Hi! Found my way over here via Theta Mom. This post made me laugh so much. Great story! And nice to meet you :)

Angela said...

This is cute. I like it a lot

SAHM-I-AM said...

Oh dear. I'm not looking forward to this conversation with my boys. They're great eaters but as skinny a skinny gets. Your post made me laugh but I'm giggling from a great distance.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, this is just too funny. "No more pig bums." Love it!!

Just think of this as practice for the "where do babies come from" chat. (Did someone already mention that here? Didn't read all the comments.)

And lordy, the typo on your comment on my blog cracked me up. Hand in there! I CAN DO IT. YEAH, BABY!

I'm such a perv.

mudmama said...

OMG Michele, that is brilliant! I am a simi veggie (vegetarian) myself because I am a bleeding heart. Dock and I have these conversations too. "Mommy why you no eat meat?" "You no eat animal mommy?" Then the other day at a bday party he got pepperoni on his pizza "I LIKE meat now!"

Mrsblogalot said...

O.K. that just cracked me up!

I had the same conversation and mental images with cows not that long ago!

Love this!

And thanks for the cool site of the day! (=: