Wednesday, October 14

Another great AWARD... wow

WOW... another award.  I love this one.  I've seen it around the bloggy
world, and thought it was so cool. 

This one is from Angela at The Suburban Jungle .  It's a wonderful blog,
full of tips for healthy eating, saving money and giveaways.  I love this site.
She has wonderful ideas and I always make sure to check her out every day!!
If you haven't been there yet... you should definately check it out. Thank you soooo much, Darlin.
You made my day!

Here are the rules:
1) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content
and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
2) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and
inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.
3) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.

1. Once, when I was a teenager (on a dare) I ate a small, peeled grape….
Through my left nostril, or was it the right? Not sure. Not sure why this was
the first thing that came to mind….
2. I have 2 “best days of my life”, so far…the birth of my daughter, and
 hanging out with Brad Pitt.
3. I have a rare disease called Sarcoidosis. I have a better chance at being
hit by lightning than dying from it.
4. The first time I got drunk, I was 7. Christmas Day. Big Italian Feast. 26
relatives for dinner, all gave me a “sip” of wine. Passed out in my mashed
potatoes. Very, very funny!!
5. First day with my first car, a silver ’79 Monte Carlo… I backed into a
6. I have had a secret crush on the same guy for almost 20 years. I have
never had the guts to tell him.
7. I have a raging phobia about bees, wasps, etc. I once jumped out of a
 canoe because a wasp landed on my knee ~ after that, I never went camping
for 6 years!!! (probably ‘cause I never got invited. I don’t remember now.
8. I can’t touch my own bellybutton. Feels funny. Creeps me out.
9. My dream as a child was to be a dancer/singer…
Even to this day, sometimes in my dreams at night I am dancing
10. After my daughter was born, I realized I had never been truly in love.

And so, now on to my 7 choices for amazing blog
I think they're all amazing, but...

1. Ann at Ann Again... and again ~ a great blog. She is honest and refreshing.
I never miss a post
2. The always hilarious.Pink Haired Momma ~ this a fantastic blog. Worth
checking out
3. Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck ~ a wonderful blog, always
 funny, honest and insightful.
4. The one and only, my bloggy friend Jenna at Jenna In The Ditch ~ she
 is always honest,  with great HYSTERICAL posts.
5. Donna at The Obnoxious SAHM ~ with over 600 followers, this amazing
woman always has something to say worth reading. Her style is unique, and
she always keeps me laughing.
6. Nancy at If Evolution Really Works  ~ also a brilliant woman, with great posts.
I never miss checking her out.
7. Lisa at Grandma's Briefs ~ definately worth a look.  She is a grandma,
mom and writer. She's wonderful.

And there ya have it.  There are so many more that I wanted to put on the list.
I feel so blessed with so many loyal followers.
I also noticed today that I have MORE followers.... please know that I am
making a point today to come by and check you out, if I haven't done so
already!!!! I can't wait....


ModernMom said...

Seriously? A grape THROUGH your nose. Good grief you are hilarious!!
Oh yes, and congrats on your award!!

beth♥ said...

#6 ... yeah, ditto. Boo!

Have a great rest of your week! said...

Thank you so much for this award! It means a lot to me!

1. Bees creep me out too
2. Next time you hang out with Brad Pitt, call me!
3. I can't touch my own belly button either. Or let anyone else touch it. Ack.

blueviolet said...

You so deserve this!

Let's analyze this belly button issue, shall we? Did a wasp or bee ever land on it?

Pink Haired Momma said...

Wow your list is hilarious. I would like to hear more about this day wit hBrad Pitt!!! Please tell me you at least peaked down his pants!! J/K

And #10 gave me chills up my spine. Lovely. I share the same thoughts with you. I didnt know you could love something so much until i heard her cry the first time!

Thank you so much for this award. I Love it! Simply wonderful! I am honored to recieve this award from such a fabulous blogger!

Lisa said...

Brad Pitt? A day with Brad Pitt and you just nonchalantly add it to your list without further explanation? You're a mystery, girl!

I don't let anyone touch my belly button either, but only because it's on my belly ... my LARGE belly that I don't like anyone touching!

You're a hoot -- and a kind blogger who graciously bestows awards upon folks like myself. I'm honored and appreciative! (Now I'm just seriously considering how honest I'm willing to be when passing along the award ...!)

Thank you!!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Thank you SO much. You are TOO sweet to pass this along to me. I'll have to post about it, as soon as I figure out how to save the image and get it up on my site.

Oh, and tell your friend Brad that I'm available for his friend George when he needs some eye candy on his arm, ANY TIME!

Janie B said...

Congratulations on your award! I just love your blog backgrounds. They are so fresh and different. Very the tree.

Amy said...

Really a grape in the nose and not touching the belly button. Funny. Congrats on your award.

otin said...

I am so number 8! I get completely freaked if I touch my bellybutton!

Pineapple Princess said...

I am enjoying your wonderful blog. I am a new follower!! Just hopping by from MBC. I hope you have a great day!

EcoMeg said...

I always enjoy your posts!

Christine said...

Wow! Me thinks...great minds think alike:) I think that the fact you got two of the same, in one day, says a lot about your blog...I truly love it!
Oh & I love the good ol' fashioned Italian Christmases....drinks for everyone!! Only 7? Pshaw! Have a sipsee....LOL.

NathanRising said...

Hi! I found your blog through ifevolutionworks and I love it! The part about the bees.... oh don't even get me started. I'm so scared of bees that I scream and thrash around like a little kid. A couple years ago, my husband and I went camping and a bee got in my shirt.

I yanked my shirt off.

In front of everyone.

And I didn't even care... I just wanted the bee out. It never stung me, but I ducked into the car and cried anyway.

Have a great day!

Nikki said...

Love all those honest things. You picked some good (and some weird) ones to share! lol

How the crap did you meet Brad Pitt?

Mrsblogalot said...

OMG Michele,

You are the only one I know that has the same #8 as me!!!!! My husband thinks I'm a freak. But that's not news.

Umm Brad Pitt? We're waaaaiiiiting!!!!!!

dsmcaron said...

Oh my gosh, it creeps me out to touch my belly button and I can't even stand watching someone else touch theirs!

Ann said...

Congratulations on your award Michele.

And... I am SO honored that you have shared this with me. I am smiling from ear to ear. You've made me feel wonderful.

Your list is terrific. The one about the bellybutton? I TOTALLY get. You're so funny.