Sunday, November 22

The Tooth

As promised, here is a quick pic of Trinity's missing tooth; for which she is soooo proud
~ and so am I (although, NOT  "new computer" kind of proud)

Also, I know how much we all hate the "comment verification" thing, but I
was getting alot of spammy stuff for viagra (of all things), had to change my
settings for a while.  Sorry everybody.
Side note to the spammers:  I do not have a penis, nor do I have access
to a penis, at the present time.
If my circumstances ever change, like, for example:  If I ever spontaneously
grow one, or have opportunity to come in direct contact with one, I will
contact YOU at that time.  Thank you.


Amy said...

Love the picture..

Crazy Spam...

Lisa said...

So cute!

If not a Dell, exactly what is the going rate for teeth nowadays? (Remember, I'm a grandma -- years and years past the Tooth Fairy days ... which I'm oh-so thankful for because it always scared the crap out of me having to sneak in and put something under the pillow while they slept. I just knew they were going to s l o w l y open their eyes and give me some kind of creepy poltergeist look then let out a mmmwhaahhaaahaaaa while I froze, hand under the pillow, unable to run and busted in the acting of playing fairy!)

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Cute, cute!

And really, access to a penis can be highly overated. There's three of them in this house and they pee on everything.

blueviolet said...

You are so funny with your penis talk!

Her eyes are twinkling with excitement about the missing tooth!

otin said...

Funny how when you are a kid you are proud of losing teeth and when you get old, it makes you cry! LOL

You know what else is funny? I make cock jokes and talk with a lot of double entendre, and I never get spammed! I'm sure that I will one day! said...

We should combine all of our missing teeth! I think we'd have a full set pretty fast! Cute picture!

Janie B said...

How cute! She is so proud of that empty space. Sweet picture. Sorry about the spam. They've got a lot of nerve, don't they?

Matty said...

She's cute. I love your explanation to the spammers.

mudmama said...

OMG, your penis talk is crrrracking me up!
She is so precious with her lost toof!
Thanks for your comment earlier, told ya on my comments where the book is avail ( or amazon ... thanks a bunch for asking!!)
Missed you, so glad you are back!!!

mudmama said...

Look at her with her missing toof! Soooo precious.
And OMG, you are crrrracking me up with your penis (or lack o' penis) talk!
Thanks for your comment today- and thanks sooo much for asking about where to get the book. I mentioned under my comments that it is available now at and amazon.
Missed you and am soooooooo glad u r back on! xx

Christine said...

Aww...looky at Trinity!! So sweet w/her fading face paint and even more adorable minus the tooth!! (Can't say that for the rest of us, though)
LMAO> you are too, too much! Way to address the spammers. I've taken to a disclaimer myself, on Twitter:
If all you've got to show me are your ding-a-lings and ta-ta's: piss off! ....something like that:)
Happy you are back in the groove!

kel said...

So cute!! (the missing tooth, not the penis product spam...)

That One Mom said...

The first tooth! So exciting!!!

Melissa said...

hahaha! I love that.. Nor do I have access to one lol.

Congrats on ur daughter losing her first tooth! My kid ate his on accident.

The K Family said...

YAY! Was this her 1st tooth?

Mrsblogalot said...

No penis would have the balls to come near you now!!!!

Joy said...

"Side note to the spammers: I do not have a penis, nor do I have access to a penis, at the present time."


magda said...

first tooth rocks, such a landmark. that is when the face of a baby is slowly replaced by one of a "big kid". while teaching first grade, watching little babies physically and mentally transform over the course of the year was like nothing else. what a terrific age. ENJOY. you are worth the extra keystrokes for the gay word verification.